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Throwback to when I had a heart attack

Oct 27, 2019 by Timster
I was in 8th grade and ate a bag of Sour Patch Kids. I don't ever eat that candy and if I did eat it i'd split it into 2 portions but this time I ate the whole bag. At the bottom of the bag was TONS of sugar so I filled my mouth with it and INSTANTLY felt a SHARP pain in my chest. I was sitting in a computer chair when this happened and dropped to the ground on my knees and crawled to my bed room. The harder I would breathe the more pain I felt in my chest. It felt like I was getting stabbed over and over again.

I went to lie down on my bean bag chair and stared into space preparing to meet my maker. Then the pain stopped 5 minutes later.

The end


LOL damn - you were such a healthy kid. good for you @_@ i'm glad you didnt meet your maker because then you wouldn't have been able to share that story... about how you thought you were dying and didnt seek help but just accepted your fate LOL
Sent by Kindred7,Oct 27, 2019
kindred7 LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I'M INSANE (you see where I get it from based on my previous blog).

Idk whenever I felt like I was in a situation where I thought my life was about to abruptly end I felt at peace. Like those Saw movies when they'd make people compete against each other to survive i'd probably be the person that just shrugs my shoulders and dies in the trap cause ain't nobody got time for all that.
Sent by Timster,Oct 27, 2019

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