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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


6thAug 28, 2023 by TheDeceiver
and i'll tell u something i remember of u

Dimitra - your rihanna gif on profile

Peculio - when u told me that u remembered me from .br <3

systrix - when we met and we started to call each other sis hahah, everyday we were like hi sis.

Insanity - you sending me a pic of your wigglytuff tattoo <3

WorkBitch - you screaming every single day in .br 10 years ago. hahaha it was fun! <3

_Finesse - u posting your ig and we starting to follow each other. :D

bamold1999 - i remember that we used to talk a lot and u were my favorite person in here, but idk we stopped talking and that's it.

Aaliyah_ - i'll never forget u tagging me on your blog, congratulating me to being participative in this website lol it was so cute, i love it.

sprtsgy1989 - your avi with black cloak and sickle haha memorable

Harley - i remember u playing stars and i helping u on the block

bayonetta - the pic on your profile, cuz i saw it a lot going to your page when u post a blog

cheritaisdelicious we played a really nice game months ago, and i loved u, i remember u being so adorable to me

jooj - your avi, hahaha. i saw in a few games and it's your mark already

Beemm - the blog that u posted yesterday asking if someone wanted a video call with u

BrianGonzalez - this casting we had so much fun together, i loved meeting u there <3

Miiaa - your friends used to tell me about u, that u were nice and cute.

Marilila - we used to play some games in .br, but here i don't remember that much, did we ever play together here? i dont think so. but i've never heard anything bad about u :D

benp428 - we played together and talked a lot, i remember u being nice to me


Me ( hope is not message to plus my designs 😝)
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Me! 💜
Sent by Aaliyah_,Aug 28, 2023
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ok me pls
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one with the jooj
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