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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

✨THANK U 54.7%✨

4thSep 13, 2023 by TheDeceiver
imagehey guys, I’m up and that sucks.

I’m really trying my best since my name came up 3 polls ago in here but people are not that open to me, they don’t talk about strategies and no one ‘knows’ anything to vote with me. Every round people tell me they don’t know, haven’t heard and don’t wanna make a set with me, and when it does I hear like close to sleep or dc. So how I play more? If you guys help me to stay.

I won’t disappoint u, I’m asking for a little more days on the game, only that, to survive this poll.

This pre made won’t last long, I promise.


Primos y amigos, ha sido un juego difícil, no quieren hablar conmigo ni jugar conmigo, lo intento día tras día, pero cada vez nadie sabe nada y nadie quiere votar conmigo. Por favor. Te pido que me ayudes, lucharé por nosotros. ES|BR ❤️

#teamwill 💫

please click his button in here


btw he's also spamming, if u dont agree with that, save me!!!!


gl king
Sent by Harley,Sep 13, 2023
Good luck 🩷
Sent by Dimitra,Sep 13, 2023
gl rat
Sent by WorkBitch,Sep 13, 2023
++ dive
Sent by Cella,Sep 13, 2023
Vai ficarr
Sent by niczinha,Sep 13, 2023
Sent by Times_Places,Sep 13, 2023
I understand times's perspective, gl
Sent by Asuka_,Sep 13, 2023
Winner 🖤
Sent by Marilila,Sep 13, 2023
Sent by Chandelier,Sep 13, 2023
Ficaaaaaa Wil
Sent by Peculio,Sep 13, 2023

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