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Literally can't even

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Hay Apr 5, 2021
Anyone live in Portland? Im moving there
Points: 42 8 comments
NEW COLOR LEVELS?! Apr 4, 2021
Suddenly i want to play again D;
I need to do my 700th game charity still
Points: 31 3 comments
Hi Apr 4, 2021
Its been a while:3
Points: 40 4 comments
Miss your Slob Knob Job 3000 <3 Oct 13, 2020
Points: 10 2 comments
I'm in a bad place tbqh Oct 13, 2020
Ive been with my fiance for 3 years now
And lately i feel like i have ben wanting to break things off
But i just dont know how and i keep sinking into depression awaiting rock bottom 馃槀
Points: 12 2 comments
Is this site any better yet Sep 23, 2020
Points: 20 5 comments