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Literally can't even

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You shot me out of hunger Apr 23, 2020
With multis for literally saying "I'm 'Merican" . PLEASE do not send me your spam Fares you Racist Jerk
Points: 54 4 comments
Do you still wear Apr 22, 2020
Your light blue bandana in your right pocket, signifying you give blowjobs Insanity?
Points: 30 1 comments
If anyome resembled the coronavirus Apr 20, 2020
It would be MartaGH12_
Everyone's dropping like flies
Points: 63 1 comments
I got a higher percentage than Slice Apr 20, 2020
Points: 30 5 comments
Don't forget to Apr 20, 2020
Points: 45 4 comments
Gimme all your children Apr 19, 2020
Points: 26 2 comments