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kindness era [PYN]

2ndFeb 12, 2024 by TGDeuxMoi
post your name for my current favorite thing about you

#BoyToy4Cato - honestly seeing how much you’ve changed and grown I admire and wish I could consistently be the same way.

#LittleMix - I usually enjoy having you on calls you just don’t come around my group as often as I’d like!

#jojo_strawberree - your commitment to the lie like woah

#Tommy123 - I don’t know you luv although I did GASP at your kpg…

Galaxies - I feel like over the many years you’ve been misunderstood in a way that I sort of relate to. I don’t exactly know how to explain what I mean but in a parallel universe i think we’d be good friends

joe001 - you deserve your flowers for being one of the few people left on here that is honest and loyal usually

booyahhayoob - I feel like you never hated me just to jump on a bandwagon in fact you’ve been very friendly over the years

Zeptis - that you go on trips with me and are tolerable duh

FlashWoods - you’re a funny character of sorts if that makes sense

BB5lover - I feel like you’re one of the people who most reliably has the same hot takes as me

TheLogic - once upon a time you were loyal!

ghrocky100 - you were pretty cool I remember you doing movie reviews or something. DM me your letterboxd if you have one and I’m remembering right.

SemNome - I genuinely…don’t know anything about you. But if you’re not American on here you’re probably hot as hell so go off king

JonSnow000 - I wish I had the drive you have promoting Winoozle with your friend, I have zero ambition these days.

Cromatique - I just wish I had the dataset you must have for your random stars. I love a spreadsheet. I’d have a field day.

austino15fffan - WE LOVE OGs! I can’t explain it, see Galaxies’ comment, I feel like in another universe we’d have been close friends.

PaulaDeen - being the most reliable movie watcher in I WANT MOVIE

Jengaged - always down for whatever lunacy travel plans I try to make

Typhlosion37 - we’ve always been friendly and closely aligned despite never really being in the same groups! but you have bad Pokémon takes!!!!!!

sjsoccer88 - I’m like 99% sure we’d be best friends irl because every fucking psycho on here i meet is the most normal and fun to be around in person

Batya - I don’t know how to phrase what I want to say, but you have some sort of authenticity factor that I love

PrincessKandi2014 - you’re one of these people that just exudes being cool and I wish I knew you better!

Timberlie - you have been MIA lately I miss you please come home your mother and I are worried

biminibonboulash - idk how much of the negative things you think about yourself you truly believe but I’ve had nothing but nice interactions with you even when I didn’t always deserve it!!

Arris - we’ve had a rocky past and haven’t interacted much or at all lately…but I loved your adorable dog!

Insanity - another OG who hasn’t exactly had the best relationship with me. This is such a cop out chicken shit answer but I really find you effortlessly funny which is a quality 90% of this website THINKS they have but don’t.

Yonaka - You fall into the bucket of *friendly to me even when others weren’t* so thank you

Lemjam6 - you’re so skinny…

Tryphena - I know you're a good friend to the people you're close to which is something I wish I was more often.

Ryon246 - I'm happy we are able to work together in games now because you burned me at first and I gave you another chance and you're more loyal than most!

Opulence - When you're with someone, you're WITH them to the death on a level that would make even ElectraViv admire your loyalty.

abrogated - even if you hate me i really do like the whole schtick of you and your brother on this website it brings me joy in a warped way

AustinRules6969 - I think you're well spoken and see the good in people even when they can't which is a trait not many people possess, particularly on here.

MarieTori - ill make this cringe idc, i dont think i will ever find someone that i am into as much as i was into you circa-2014, and that's just...sad.


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I need some kindness
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Me me :)
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I need some kindness
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