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  1. i got elected to be pledge educator for my frat
  2. I cannot sleep
  3. I got the iPhone 7 Plus
  4. can someone help me out
  5. I love you Erin Burnett
  6. I just got a new phone
  7. Oprah running for president
  8. i've been home in the USA for 3 weeks
  9. thank god
  10. erin burnett is so hot
  11. is it gay
  12. my attic is infested with flying squirrels
  13. i'm going to the steelers jags game next weekend
  14. those NFL upsets today
  15. anyone else think
  16. I'm MAD!
  17. not gonna lie
  18. can someone give me an internship this summer
  19. anyone else
  20. i read through ur list
  21. how can people not know how to swim
  22. i blacked out on new years eve
  23. my new years eve was fucking insane
  24. i ate a 60 dollar steak tonight
  26. I just watched the Survivor finale
  27. Survivor Ranking + Predictions: Final 5
  28. ok it really bothers me
  29. a little story for the kids
  30. It's so comically ironic
  31. I'm going to Nambia
  32. Pretty sure I have mild food poisoning
  33. The smell emanating from my grundle today
  34. Italian mobster shoots a lobster!
  35. Chrissy is a MILF
  36. man
  37. There's no WAY
  38. I'm in Africa
  40. If I ranked the Survivor seasons

how can people not know how to swim

Jan 3, 2018 by Steel
i feel like swimming or at least treading water properly is instinct although i wouldnt know because i learned to swim at a very young age


I genuinely was never put in the situation until I got about 10 and by that point I had a fear of it because I wasn't used to it LOL.
Sent by Danger,Jan 3, 2018
As an adult I tread water obviously tho
Sent by Danger,Jan 3, 2018
i have to take a swimming test to graduate college and it baffles me that some people can't pass
i think in some cultures they don't teach their children to swim though
Sent by tofutime,Jan 3, 2018
I was the only person cur from the swim team when I applied my sophomore  year LOL.
Sent by Danger,Jan 3, 2018
you throw me in a lake and i won't fucking drown but would i say im a good swimmer hell nah
Sent by Brayden_,Jan 3, 2018
people panic when they are not familiar with a deep body of water
Sent by Electric,Jan 3, 2018
I havent gone swimming in years. I hope i still remember
Sent by Piddu,Jan 3, 2018

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