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The Steel City

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my right nipple Aug 27, 2018
is significantly hairier on the periphery than my left nipple
Points: 15 2 comments
Lol Brett is a savage Aug 17, 2018
Hahaha he made rockstar cry hahahahahahahaha

Thank god that Kermit the frog looking pink haired hag is gone
Points: 2 1 comments
Just imagine Aug 17, 2018
Haleigh's old southern grandpa from Texas who is probably a racist and xenophobe watching this gigantic Muslim guy sexually fiend over his little baby granddaughter and she is unable to resist the sexual urges on national television

lmao funny thought
Points: 513 4 comments
LOL Aug 16, 2018
imageRockstar is the worst BB player of all time

She also looks exactly like Sid from Ice Age
Points: 0 4 comments
hey Aug 14, 2018

my buddy black0ut247 got perm banned a few months ago for no reason and it hasnt been fixed

can you unban him hes my only friend

Points: 25 3 comments
god i love latina chicks Aug 14, 2018
they are so spicy

def my favorite ethnicity for women
Points: 43 3 comments