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  1. my right nipple
  2. Lol Brett is a savage
  3. Just imagine
  4. LOL
  5. hey
  6. god i love latina chicks
  7. Come on Tiger
  8. I had a sex dream about my friends mom
  9. Brett is a god
  10. Man
  11. yessssss
  12. returning from injury fkn sucks
  13. uh oh
  14. i fking hate bulking
  15. had a dream last night
  16. i really just came on here
  17. Fuck
  18. Brett is seriously
  19. Big Brother Ranking
  20. dude nooooooo
  21. Is there any chance
  22. every time i come on here
  23. dude i hate tanning
  24. Angela is sooooooooooo sexy
  25. Hey
  26. brett is the best big brother contestant
  27. I love wikipedia
  28. I don’t even know who
  29. i haven't updated my FB profile pic
  30. on a bulk for the summer
  31. The Americans finale
  32. Just saying
  33. I listen to Luke Bryan
  34. For people who watch the Americans
  35. everyone always shits on every survivor season
  36. I've been banned at least 10 times
  37. do u think
  38. Lol if I were Wendell or Dom
  39. Currently watching survivor finale
  40. don't u hate

dude nooooooo

Jul 18, 2018 by Steel
is brett or winston getting evicted?????/

pls say winston

also is sam gonna use the power app

god damn fuck scottie that pussy ass bitch gotta go

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