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Masquerade Manor: Finale

7thNov 4, 2017 by SmoothStalker12
Welcome to the finale of Masquerade Manor! I can finally reveal who our final 3 contestants are:

tofutime ashleybabyx3 and weetmaster!!!

So our crowing of the winner will be split into 7 different rounds. Each round you three will be ranked and awarded points. The person at the end with the most points will become the winner of Masquerade Manor.

The scorings for each round will be the following:
1st - 9 points
2nd - 6 points
3rd - 3 poims

Round 1: Underworld Task!

Personally I think you all did wonderful with this task. However, the voting from the public showed there was an obvious winner. According to the votes, the rankings were:

#WeetMaster - 1st
#Tofutime - 2nd
#Ashleybabyx3 - 3rd

Our special guest for this round was jenzie!! She was asked to rate them in best to worst, and she sent in:

1st - #Weet - 9 points
2nd - #Ashley - 6 points
3rd - #Tofu - 3 points

Next up is our most improved category! I was, once again, very impressed with the immense improvements you all displayed during this theme. However, the public voting was the following:

1st - #Weet
2nd - #Ashley
3rd - #Tofu

Our special guest judge was donaam! He had won The Catwalk and offered great reviews for all for you:

I think A (tofu) is the most polished of the three, and it's giving me some sort of actual story. Is the killer transgender? Did he just do drag as a disguise for his crimes? I'm not sure but I can't wait to see the motion picture!

C (weet) is fun but they seem like two separate avatars. They're both decently well done but having HIM be the villain seems too easy. At least I can get some personality out of the transformation

E's (ashley) transformation bores me, to be honest. I think E is intriguing, not really sure what's going on there but it loses any appeal in becoming undead. A grim reaper... groundbreaking. These two also seem to be the least polished of all the avatars.

1st - #Tofu
2nd - #Weet
3rd - #Ashley

Now we get to the overall review of the season. Hannah_Banks2250, Florina and I ranked you three based on how we thought you did as the season progressed. We used the following two images to help us:

First, HB2250 said:


I loved all these & I believe these are all deserving of a top 3 spot. I just felt like Weetmaster's creativity really showed through with these looks, and the quality that came with it was outstanding! Ashleybaby's looks I just liked a little more than tofutime's so that's why i put Ashley 2nd.

Florina then put in his input and said:

1st) Weetmaster - I think your looks had the most variety from week to week, which is what I believe is most important for a competition like this. Each of your looks had a wow factor that really had you shine over the others.

2) Ashleybaby - For the most part, your looks exaggerated the theme each week which I enjoyed. I liked that with each week, your looks really stuck to the theme the most. However, your looks just were not as strong. I think another problem is that your looks were never THE BEST of the week throughout the season.

3) TofuTime - You and Ashley were very close for me. I think what came down to it most for me was that I see a lot of similarities in your avatars from each week. I think Ashley had a bit more creativity than you with the looks, but otherwise it was very close.

And finally, my input

3rd - Ashleybabyx3. I think you did amazing this season and I knew you'd make it this far. I am ranking you third only on you never winning a first place ranking at all during the game. Also, around 3-4 of your submissions seems to all have the same facial features (eyes, mouth) so I feel you stuck with what you were comfortable with.

2nd - Weetmaster - Your submissions were phenomenal, i was always blown away with how you always improved. However the reason I am giving you 2nd in my ranking is your submissions barely resemble anything you would ever see on Tengaged. This wasn't apart of the criteria, but it is a tengaged based game. I also didn't want to be like the other 2.

1st - Tofutime - Every week you were consistently in the final 3, not once ever scoring anything lower. All of your submissions are avatars we would definitely see on tengaged and not once during the season did you ever ask for an extension or send in late. If you notice, you were always A, B or C since I would assemble the collage based on who sent in first. So I really appreciated this!

So now, let's get to the final calculations!!

in third place with 33 points, we have #AshleyBabyx3!!!!!!!

in second place, with a close 36 points is #TofuTime!

and with a whooping 57 points, #Weetmaster is the winner!!!!!!!!!!

It was a lovely season and I want to say thank you for all your hard work :) I had a ton of fun hosting and I mean it when I say you three constantly blew me away with your work, I could never do anything like you 3. Job well done :)

And thank you to the viewers of the season, much love for always voting :)

Here is the final chart for the season:



Sent by AllieBoBallie,Nov 4, 2017
Congrats guys!
Sent by JustMe,Nov 4, 2017
It was a nice game, sadly i was not able to continue. Grats to the winner.
Sent by Ari_,Nov 4, 2017
Sent by Weetmaster,Nov 4, 2017
ashley queen
Sent by varlto,Nov 4, 2017
Bad week
Sent by Violets,Nov 4, 2017
Great work all 3 of you! Grats to weetmaster 馃馃徎
Sent by k4r4k,Nov 4, 2017

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