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  1. Why dont you ever
  2. 4 more frookies
  3. if two join frookies now
  4. 5 more for frookies
  5. Fill survivor
  6. Aye 10
  7. Amazing
  8. Amazing
  9. What ya favorite part about me
  10. Tbh
  11. What's an American outfit
  12. at 25t
  13. damnnnnnn
  14. Y'all should gifts me
  15. Iiiii
  16. Designer
  17. One punch man
  18. I wish I was popular
  19. I'm Mr lonley
  20. Tengage date me
  21. It's puta not punta
  22. Lol
  23. Someone should gift me male hair
  24. I kinda laughed at this tbh
  25. 1984 call lasted
  26. 1984 Day one
  27. Y'all should be like me
  28. Jackson is winning bb21
  29. Im cool too.......
  30. 1984
  31. 1984 first day
  32. Me 15 why
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  35. I hope
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High opinion pyn

4thAug 23, 2019 by ShaneDawson12345
Just got done with a few blunts so who wants a opinion

BengalBoy: dude your a legend on my Twostep account you made me laugh so damn munch and you still do never stop being you icon

Matthew09: I'm pretty sure we played a or still are playing a group game but anyways you seem chill as fuck and your cool to hang out So keep peace with you always

pinkiepie512: you just got done standing up for me earlier and you didn't know me so with that you earn my respect through thick and thin

Thirteen: your a legend and I love your taste in horror movies your always chill with me even after I evicted you in frooks so thx for not being salty honestly I just think your funny and with those dark blogs you got a tengaged legend and a good friend

TeddyBear: I honestly don't know you I love your user and you seem like a good friend so rock on being you

boicam77: honestly one of the closest people i know I remember when you started tengaged I'm glad at how far you grown and it sucks that our memory of each other drifted away I hope we can become friends once more

MarieEve: Hey king your a great person I'm pretty sure we talked but I can't remember you seem loyal and chill wanna be friends and wow top 100 karma you must be doing something good here huh

Kindred7: I don't know you but your nice and chill

lexeyjane: I respect you as a great tengaged player and how supportive you are I hope you have a great and successful life

Rperduex11: love your shops man keep it up and ill support it forever and your sister great man

TaraG: wow a funny and a strategic player all I can say I'm also stunned at your game play and how nice you are

Darbe: just gotta look at your profile but seriously I look up to you for tengaged morale

bamold1999: highest ranking tengaged player king but your also the greatest person here in love you man and ill never will stop

peace123: we never talked but I can tell you keep things low key and I love that I bet your a great person and I hope we can talk sometime

M_Davis1998: your an amazing host and a great friend you don't take no for answer and always determined and no I'm not saying this for you to cast Me it's coming from the heart

AntonB: two words best friend

Tester: three words my favourite FRIEND

Akeria: it's about time you pyn honestly we have our ups and downs but your a great dude I'm glad we got that understanding relationship on our actions

yachj: we talked here and their in games and your pretty loyal and I love that so please never change

Acceptthis: you seem chill and nice love that user and I will accept it Lmao ik corny joke

XxLoveWakizaxX: iconic


Sent by BengalBoy,Aug 23, 2019
Sent by Matthew09,Aug 23, 2019
Sent by pinkiepie512,Aug 23, 2019
top respect buddy
Sent by BengalBoy,Aug 23, 2019
Sent by Thirteen,Aug 23, 2019
Sent by Teddybear,Aug 23, 2019
Sent by boicam77,Aug 23, 2019
aww thanks bro
Sent by Teddybear,Aug 23, 2019
TeddyBear: no problem just spreading love
Sent by ShaneDawson12345,Aug 23, 2019
Sent by MarieEve,Aug 23, 2019
BengalBoy thanks man
Sent by ShaneDawson12345,Aug 23, 2019
added u :)
Sent by MarieEve,Aug 23, 2019
MarieEve: awesome ill add you too
Sent by ShaneDawson12345,Aug 23, 2019
dunno if you know me other than from colin's game lol but doing this so you can get T$ :)
Sent by Kindred7,Aug 23, 2019
Sent by lexeyjane,Aug 23, 2019
Sent by Rperduex11,Aug 24, 2019
Sent by TaraG,Aug 24, 2019
Sent by Darbe,Aug 24, 2019
Sent by bamold1999,Aug 24, 2019
Sent by peace123,Aug 24, 2019
Sent by M_Davis1998,Aug 24, 2019
Sent by AntonB,Aug 24, 2019
Sent by Tester,Aug 24, 2019
Sent by Akeria,Aug 24, 2019
Sent by yachj,Aug 24, 2019
Sent by Acceptthis,Aug 24, 2019
Sent by XxLoveWakizaxX,Aug 24, 2019

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