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A Design Idea! :)

Jun 4, 2013 by Serginator
I think an awesome idea would be if we could make our own designs and use them without having to put them in shops or auctions, we could post them there to share and play normally with shops but I wish we could just use our own designs without any problem :) we would still follow the normal design rules anyway.
Who else agrees? Comment why or why not. Have fun!

#Casting #Fasting #Rookies #Frookies #Tengaged #Shops #Designs


i would love that but then people would upload others designs to use for free meaning shops would be pointless
Sent by wileycoyote,Jun 4, 2013
Sent by XxFionaXx,Jun 4, 2013
sorry, i negged on my phone :( accident!
Sent by XxFionaXx,Jun 4, 2013
Hmmmm good point wileycoyote
And it's fine! it happens XxFionaxX :)
Sent by Serginator,Jun 4, 2013
Sent by sergio,Jun 4, 2013
Thank you my twin ;) sergio
Sent by Serginator,Jun 5, 2013

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