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The Scratte

1stOct 23, 2017 by Scratte
- When you Buy T$ it takes your money and doesn't give T$
- You can't upload designs to the design lab anymore
- You can't change your blog website
- Ads don't work

Also Randomize, Can you please bring back 1T$ Gifting? If someone worked hard to pay earn their shop, they should be allowed to post 1T$ and gift their friends. The system was fine as it was.

Plus this so Randomize can see it


+1 馃挄
Sent by DJ2722,Oct 23, 2017
plussed this

I bought t$ last week for 9.99 And it did not deliver. So I messaged randomize being very kind and he just ignored me! And guess what? My t$ still is not been received. I work hard for my money and I feel totally scammed on the site I love. 9.99 Don't sound much but still I deserve what I paid for. He just ignores me...

I just want to be refunded or given the t$..
Sent by KingBreezyy,Oct 23, 2017
The Harvest Is Near.
Sent by MJFJUNE,Oct 23, 2017
+14 how idk
Sent by aria_grande,Oct 23, 2017
Yes! Randomize please fix this. Your site is going down
Sent by Paige5459,Oct 23, 2017
Pictures don't work anymore. You can't upload one to games.
Sent by WannaBeeFriends,Oct 23, 2017
depending on how you paid you can reverse the charges
Sent by heatherlum,Oct 23, 2017
If you paid on paypal you should try disputing the charge. Paypal people are required to contact the seller about this, maybe it will get him to respond scratte KingBreezyy
Sent by Chelseaaaa,Oct 23, 2017
I did not use paypal I used my card with all my details. He just ignored me time and time again. This was last week and still no t$ or refund nor he has not answered me.
Sent by KingBreezyy,Oct 23, 2017
Sent by XoAmanda,Oct 23, 2017
You cant update Group pics either!!
Sent by Noxity,Oct 23, 2017
Randomize snatched my 10 $ without giving me my 150 T dollar.
Sent by KatherinePierce,Oct 23, 2017
Sent by Paige5459,Oct 23, 2017
People buy T's ? :S
Sent by Mitsuki,Oct 23, 2017
Sent by XoAmanda,Oct 23, 2017
"And Please Bring back 1T$ Gifting!!"
Sent by teamjacz,Oct 23, 2017
Don't buy T on a dying website... lmao
Sent by Rperduex11,Oct 23, 2017
Sent by Lauttyy,Oct 23, 2017
Rando is never bringing back 1 T$ shops
He *HATES* the concept of gifting shops.
Sent by TheSexiestDude990,Oct 24, 2017
TheSexiestDude990 Making it 50T$ won't stop gifting shops? The only difference is that Gifters will have to pay 50T$ each time they want to help a shop owner out.
Sent by Scratte,Oct 24, 2017
Sent by Temeky,Oct 24, 2017
Why spending real money in this game lol
Sent by Carvalho,Oct 24, 2017
Randomize is never bringing 1T$ gifting back
He got rid of it bc he hated the fact that ppl were doing it lmao
Sent by Brandonator,Oct 24, 2017
Please fix desings
Sent by ChubbyHuggs,Oct 24, 2017
Sent by Fares,Oct 24, 2017

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