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Ramanik's Big Brother 2 Luxury Challenge 1

Aug 12, 2014 by Ramanik
This competition is called Luxury Challenge #1 and here is how it works. Anyone of the veterans and newbes can win the luxury challenge. You must get people to mention you on this blog by putting a # or @ of the username or Team they are rooting for. The houseguest with the most mentions will win the luxury challenge. Each houseguest vote for themselves. Only ONE VOTE allowed. Anything that does not have to do with this challenge will be delete so NO SPAM or NO HATEFUL.

This will end at 6:30AM EST.

ADDRIAN: Addrian or #TeamAddrian
BRANDON: Brandonh1 or #TeamBrandon
CARSON: CarsonWorld or #TeamCarson
CASEY: casey5705 or #TeamCasey
DARA: Dara4ever or #TeamDara
DAULTON: Daulton7996 or #TeamDaulton
IVY: _ivyyy_445 or #TeamIvy
JENNIFER: Jennijayla2014 or #TeamJennifer
JOEY: joey65409 or #TeamJoey
LEAH: PeachessnCream or #TeamLeah
PAUL: Survivorgame1 or #TeamPaul
PEYTON: MyMilkshakes or #TeamPeyton
TRISTAN: neathery or #TeamTristan
ZACH: pikachu142 or #TeamZach

You can still put rileythepegasus101 or #TeamRiley for Riley. Also you can put rory17 or #TeamRory for Rory. Since Riley and Rory are the week two nominees one of them will be evicted, but whoever is evicting he or she's votes will be invalid.


Also houseguest remember you are playing for safety, but this prize will cost you. You can not play in the Power of Veto and you can not vote to evict for the week three eviction.


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