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[Gen. II | Season 1] Ramanik's Big Brother Revamped

Jan 24, 2016 by Ramanik
imageI have just posted the Part One Application and Pre-Season Chat for the second generation of Ramanik's Big Brother. I cannot wait to get this game started, but first I need to get the cast. Only 15 will be chosen for the first season Ramanik's Big Brother Gen. II- Revamped, so it is very important that you do your best and give your honest and truthful responses.

If you are interested then please click on the following link to apply:

Then after applying please enter the Pre-Season Chat. I will be looking through daily to see if you are an active player. The active you are the more likely of you being chosen. I must tell there are rules such as NO SPAMMING, because it does not count as being active. So, remember to enter the chat once you are done applying:

The Part Two Application will be posted after I have seen that a good amount of people have applied, which is around 13-15.

Good luck applicants and I cannot wait to begin the second generation of Ramanik's Big Brother.

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