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Paula (@honeybunch1)- 11th Place- Juror 1- Ramanik's Big Brother

Jul 19, 2014 by Ramanik
imageThis is the Ramanik's Big Brother aftermath blog. This is where I will posting questions for the evicted houseguest to answer.

The fifth houseguest to be evicted and first member of the jury from Ramanik's Big Brother is Paula "Honey" ( honeybunch1). Paula it was nice having you play the game, but I have some questions that I would like you to answer.

1. Why did you think that you were targeted?
2. Who do you want to win?
3. Did you see yourself as a floater, follower, or leader in the game?
4. Who is the most trustworthy in the game?
5. Did you have fun this season?
6. Are you happy to be apart of the jury?
7. Why should you be on All Stars?
8. Do you have an idea for the season two twist?

Thank you once again Paula it was nice having you. We'll see you back for the Finale where we'll crown the winner of Ramanik's Big Brother.

Who will be evicted from the Big Brother house next?
If you want to have a chance to be on season two or if you want to check out the current season; then join the Ramanik's Big Brother group. :)

Also if you want to suggest anything for any season then message her on tengaged or on my page which is on the Ramanik's Big Brother group game page.

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Brandon's Vote


thank you i was trying to get Brandon  and Drew out and seperating Daulton and Carson because they were the biggest  threats and i knew they would target me which is exactly what happenned  i trie from beginning because when Anthony came in with Drew and i told them all thru the game so in the end its going to be Drew Carson and Daulton final three and too i trusted Alicia more than anybody i was strategizing the whole and there were like 3 to 4 different alliances at the beginning and i could see what was going on and it was fun im good with being part of the jury because i know who wont get my vote lol and i didnt vote or target ji should be an all star because i did make the jury and it was a fun game and thank you for inviting me to play
Sent by honeybunch1,Jul 19, 2014

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