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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Remember These Users?

2ndDec 31, 2021 by PrincessTeePee
Edit; Banned/Removed, YESSS thanks mods!

Cgyflames, cgygayz, youallsuck, aintitfun, dustingate, now mollyharps? All the same person, the same typing/paragraphing style, the same quite intense accusations and dox threats. There were more but I’ve lost track.

Had some fascinating blatant lies that I wasn’t even aware of thrown at me from him this week! Also another common denominator is ‘your friend told me this about you’/‘my Skype call said this’/‘this person remembers when you did that!’ He will rig up some conveniently inactive user that supposedly told him rubbish about me lolol, every time. There is never proof or screenshots, and he goes all quiet if you aware ask him who HE is. He really thinks this strategy will get to me? lol.

This person will take the time out of their day to find out what you do and even more scarily, where you do it.

They make out they are living their best life, but nobody in their right mind would keep doing this for the best part of a decade. I barely even remember the original cgyflames user, that’s what’s funny.. we probably had some minor argument that I’ve forgotten completely about, yet every time he joins on a multi, he bee lines me, it’s .. flattering?

Can something be done though? brandonpinzu cheapcheep koolness234 I think it would benefit this person to be IP banned.

comments on here:


i’m not sure IP banning is even a thing. i’ve never heard of it being done, and the mods certainly can’t do it. it’s unfortunate:( i remember that person, so cruel
Sent by ItsAlexia,Dec 31, 2021
itsalexia I feel like something similar is in existence as the users permed for inappropriate conduct with minors so far have not returned. This guy needs the same treatment, for himself if anything.
Sent by PrincessTeePee,Dec 31, 2021
wwemrpeeps returned a few times
Sent by ItsAlexia,Dec 31, 2021
All I remember about cgyflamez was him telling underage users he couldnt wait for them to turn 18.
Sent by Survivor8,Dec 31, 2021
Ohhh CREEPY! survivor8
Sent by PrincessTeePee,Dec 31, 2021
Lmao the fuck, is that real cause that’s fucked up Survivor8
Sent by TheChillTownRenegade,Dec 31, 2021
Unfortunately, IP bans cannot be done by moderators. I’ve handled the accounts, though!
Sent by brandonpinzu,Dec 31, 2021
Thank youuuu 💖💖 brandonpinzu
Sent by PrincessTeePee,Dec 31, 2021
TheChillTownRenegade Yeah, I mean I don't have proof, but he used to do it openly on the blogs page
Sent by Survivor8,Dec 31, 2021
If only PrincessTeePee was as Crazy as cgyflames has expressed it would breathe crazy girl life into this site
Sent by JayElVeeIsBack,Dec 31, 2021
If it is him I hope he’s still not
Sent by nmh95,Dec 31, 2021
Sent by nmh95,Dec 31, 2021
My favourite 'quote' was the one where a 'friend' said you were like a secretary instead of a who would ever say something as dumb as that? :P
Sent by Catch_a_falling_star,Jan 1, 2022
LOLL I KNOW catch_a_falling_star like o was going to fall for that 😂 or the fact he tried to pass himself as British, by saying I should have stayed at the retail store.. whatever! For no ‘friend’ would even say that🤣
Sent by PrincessTeePee,Jan 1, 2022

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