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I can't believe

1stFeb 22, 2024 by PrincessKandi2014
I was nom'd in my own charity. How would ya'll feel if that was you? You know what you did was wrong. The 3 of you have gone unom'd because you'd plus one another and then would not plus me. Ya'll made sure ya'll would win this game. I hope you enjoy your win and I hope that it was worth it with everyone your going to upset thinking they had a safe bet on me!


you will make the final day, just not win. bets just won't double
Sent by daveycool,Feb 22, 2024
You should still win I think but if not I wouldn’t want to be them if I join stars
Sent by connorthomson,Feb 22, 2024
“What comes around, goes around..”

But don’t worry, we will make this right! I’m sorry this happened
Sent by boysofsummer2005,Feb 22, 2024
Wow Dalvin
boysofsummer2005 20 min ago
So you nom the charity holder.. So you’re a charity ruiner.. Got it! All you had to say
+3 pointsPrincessKandi2014 21 min ago
It's not about heart. This is my charity and should of never been a option!
-2 pointsDalvin 21 min ago
I didn't have the heart to nominate anyone else
Sent by Yonaka,Feb 22, 2024
Sent by DripTeejay,Feb 22, 2024
it's not impossible to win once you have been nominated. if they save you, and everyone does the plussing you only thing you can still win. But definitely crappy thing to do.
Sent by cheritaisdelicious,Feb 22, 2024
I'm not buying what dalvin said when they said they're saving you Kandi. Hell they probably will save their friends
Sent by Asuka_,Feb 22, 2024
cheritaisdelicious I'm probably more worked up about this then I should be but I just can't believe Dalvin did that. There has been a few people in there the whole game making sure the 3 of them got HOH everyone round. After DC since this is neg day they have pretty much quit talking. I do hope come morning my time they do neg all and plus me. Thanks for letting me know that I do have a possible win though. I didn't think it would work that way since the 3 of them are unom'd all game.
Sent by PrincessKandi2014,Feb 22, 2024
Dalvin is usually very sweet, I'm surprised by this from hin
Sent by cheritaisdelicious,Feb 22, 2024
@cheritaisdeliecous I've been told the same from my friends as well. I just for the first time on here lost my temper because he actually nom'd me. I get that they wanted a 13 post but I rightfully claimed it first. I'm sorry Dalvin for losing it but you did lie to me saying you weren't going to nom me so how am I suppose to trust?
Sent by PrincessKandi2014,Feb 22, 2024
I also feel like having 2 charities so close together makes you an easy target for your charity not working.

I also kind of wish this site could change with all these charities because you can never really get into a rookies game anymore without someone claiming it as a charity.
Sent by WrathOfKon,Feb 22, 2024
WrathofKon, I feel the same way about the 13th post and the 20 posts that everyone keeps creating but I don't complain. I just stay patient and wait for the game to be the one I want to play. It is true I should of not had 2 so close together but until you brought it to my attention I had forgot about the last one since the last 3 days of it I was in the hospital. That however, does not give them a reason to ruin it when I rightfully claimed it. Just stay on the lookout and claim a rooks as you see fit. If I can get in one and claim it then so can you.
Sent by PrincessKandi2014,Feb 22, 2024
princessKandi2014 he and his friends did it to me tooo.. thats why i slice them anytime i cant..
Sent by Royaltyy,Feb 23, 2024
Are we shocked? 90% of the people from that fraternity are selfish and trash people.
Sent by AbioticSand,Feb 23, 2024
wrathofkon charities are vital to this site, it’s the only source of income for everyone to get. There are plenty of other game modes
Sent by AbioticSand,Feb 23, 2024
im sorry :/
Sent by Minie,Feb 23, 2024
I hate to say it but I avoided betting on you because I *knew* this would happen with that cast.
Sent by TGDeuxMoi,Feb 23, 2024
I mean It's just blatant selfishness... also what is this comment about when YOU nommed the charity holder not boysofsummer

You denied it to blame us, you are a liar
Sent by Dalvin,Feb 22, 2024
Sent by Jasmina,Feb 23, 2024
I also bet the people throwing are the same ppl who'd have a hissy fit over their charity being ruined
Sent by Jasmina,Feb 23, 2024
what if it was YOU that didnt have buttter ?
Sent by _Adidas_,Feb 23, 2024
Are we talking about the food butter lol _Adidas_
Sent by PrincessKandi2014,Feb 23, 2024
Preach queen. That person who nominated u is a slutty ass bitch and a obnoxiously insecure cunt

Sent by victoriaclark12,Feb 23, 2024

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