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You might want to see this lolvote May 24, 2024
Points: 52 2 comments
Pyn May 23, 2024
For my favorite friend on your front page 馃挌馃挌馃挌

#Dimitra - #bomberv and #ilovepuppies135
Robbie626 - Maya10 and stolenseason
Rosalia - Dimitra and Marilila
JonahFierce - SexyTex and NathanDamnit
2691223 - AxKxAxBatman and boysofsummer2005
Marilila - Lucas_RFS and BrookeMaddox
Maya10 - systrix
BrookeMaddox - Thiii and FemmeFatale
Blaziken98 - Scooby69
MargaretWilkins - Harehere
FemmeFatale - Tester and Colter
TaraGold00 - Ghostfacegangsta and Wade03
Points: 172 12 comments
Pyn May 22, 2024
for brawn vs beauty vs brain

trickdaddy6 - all 3 of course :)
AbioticSand - brain
boysofsummer2005 - brawn
JonahFierce -brain
CheapCheep -brain
Park - Can I give you all 3?
systrix -beauty
Rosalia -brain
bomberv -beauty
Staceyxo -beauty
Terp05 -brawn
ParvatiS -brain
cocainita -brawn
ilovepuppies135 -beauty
Yonaka -beauty and brain
Smoothiez -brain
ManniBoi -brain
SlutishaOMann -brawn
ytrewq111 -brawn
Points: 211 20 comments
Shout out to some players on here May 22, 2024
I've enjoyed playing games with you all and am glad that I got to meet you before TG dies lol.

Points: 64 6 comments
Fasting May 21, 2024
Can someone please come be my ally and play with me 馃槶馃槶馃槶
Points: 19 3 comments
I'm loving May 20, 2024
my new green eyes. Nothing is better than green in the eyes lol. Thank you boysofsummer2005 . Your a great friend!
Points: 45 5 comments