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Top 39 ❀️ Oct 14, 2021
I cant believe love you all ❀️
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Top75 ❀️ Oct 10, 2021
Really im shock with all support i receive. Last poll i dont think i can survive
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πŸŽ€ Oct 7, 2021

This its awesome
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πŸŽ€ Oct 6, 2021
Yeah i have

Thanks so much for this awesome dress πŸ₯° lolaindigo thanks marilise for design and thanks Rellizuraddixion
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πŸŽ€πŸ©Έ Oct 4, 2021
Finally i reach other new level. Next one Tv there i go ❀️

Plus me a bit to get some ts im poor hehehe
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πŸŽ€ Oct 2, 2021
β€œthis is the American server, not br or esβ€œ

And yes we have to respect. But its a very sad reason more offensive that use that word. Thanks for respect other culture. This say too much...
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