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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


Oct 2, 2021 by Penelope_
I understand here we have to respect american rules. But can say me the word i can use to explain when i feel or i see a person who dont respect or dont like people who its different? (Country, color, sexuality) because i understand R word its same like use the word for people who dont respect homosexuality no?

Edit: really the ban word its what we use for say someone react slow?


Yes it鈥檚 a term for someone mental or for being tucked up
Sent by brightongal,Oct 2, 2021
I understand it can be rude. But in spain its not for that. And i allready read and receive so many insults here and not report anyone because all we can get angry and say rude things
Sent by Penelope_,Oct 2, 2021
penelope_ yes it is only insult in america don鈥檛 worry I understand. In England it means Fucked up like drunk
Sent by brightongal,Oct 2, 2021
Awww we have so many difference. I think maybe can made something were can explain all, but i dont think must ban without try learn about rest culture
Sent by Penelope_,Oct 2, 2021
Yes agree
Sent by brightongal,Oct 2, 2021

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