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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


Sep 21, 2021 by Penelope_
I think most people who get evict of Stars its not triying to play well. They have talk with everyone? They were in chat groups? They made a Vlog? Because i dont see anyone

I was an unknown Spanish, and reach F3 and finish 2 with 2,8% less than the winner


True but I do think it happens, I've played games where people in the cast have targeted the Spanish people for not speaking good English ... it doesn't happen all the time though but still does.
Sent by Jasmina,Sep 21, 2021
Yeah im agree in some games i see. But i think everyone when see american friends, brazillian friends or Spanish friends. We thinks β€œthey must be a premade” or its true that allways are going to have some xenophobic people around. But with this start im not agree. I feel that they are not playing hard
Sent by Penelope_,Sep 21, 2021
Hi Penelope, I was in both games. The one you came 2nd in and this one.

The people’s attitudes in this game were worse and treated the spanish/ brazillian different for being hispanic
Sent by Eoin,Sep 21, 2021
But you mean the cast no? Or the public poll? Maybe the cast have different attitudes but the poll allways choose who save
Sent by Penelope_,Sep 21, 2021
The Spanish users in this cast have made efforts and tried to talk to people and they got ignored and targeted over people who were actually targeting people
Sent by sosyomomma,Sep 21, 2021
Ok yeah i understand sosyomomma the cast maybe its not the best one. But its strange all are getting nom when i read and know David2560 _Adidas_ cocainita Petro Semnome Alibonico are spanish or brazillian and maybe i forgot someone more (Half cast)

This its why i mean they are not playing well. Ok people dont want to talk with you. Made same game. Nom Xenophobics and evict they. Or maybe try hard in poll to stay and evict one of us. But its my feeling you and Eoin know better because you are in the game
Sent by Penelope_,Sep 21, 2021
*us change for they hahahaha
Sent by Penelope_,Sep 21, 2021
Sent by JetsRock12,Sep 21, 2021

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