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🎂Happy Birthday Sial! 🎂

1stSep 18, 2023 by ParvatiS
SIALLLLLLLLLL systrix happy birthdya b*tch. Here are a bunch of messages from the people you love (or secretly hate 😏). But even if we do happen to fall under the people you "secretly hate" know that we all love YOU and wish you the best dya ever no matter what it is you have planned for todya in Pakistan 🇵🇰🕯️#IslaFromPakistan ❤️


To my fellow kababayan and friend, HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Couldn't be more grateful to have a fellow Filipino in this site as an amazing friend and I hope you continue to have more amazing days ahead of you <333

hey sis i'm here to wish u the best birthday u can have. thank u for always being so cool and kind, u are really someone we want to keep contact and close. have an awesome day and adore u <3 thank u for everything!

Happy Birthday, Sistricks. You're an icon, you're a legend, and you are the moment.

Systrix, you're amazing. Wishing you all the great things in life. Hope you have an amazing birthday. Queen!!! Love u, stars bff. Happy birthday! <3

Happy birthday Sial! We were born in the same month how iconic is that, you’ve always been a doll and someone I love so so much, hope you have an amazing day <3.

Happy birthday Sial!! An amazing person deserves an amazing birthday!! I hope you have a great birthday and this is the start of a fantastic year ahead :)

I think that once I turned to you because I was vulnerable and wanted to talk to someone random and you were a very good person to me!!! then we don't talk much but i'm sure you deserve to have a beautiful day <3. hugs

sial BESTIEEEE ILY, gosh I don't know how or why we clicked so well in yawnhas traitor game but we did, even suspicious behaviour didn't stop us from slaying and getting the dumbest faithful award nomination... everytime I see one of ur blogs on the blog page I have to plus, it's like a reward... HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVE HAVE A GOOD ONE 😃


Happy birthday to one of my besties <3

Happy birthday, Sial!! I hope you have a fabulous day and get spoilt rotten! We only connected recently in the traitors game and I’ve never had anyone have my back so fast in a long time (even though you were wrong and I was the traitor lol) so Thank You for being a gem and I wish you another year of happiness 🩵🩵

Sial u stupid bitch. You are one of the nicest people I have met on this site, and seeing you come for people once in a while is the cherry on top. You are such a loyal friend and anyone would be lucky to get to know you. I hope your birthday treats you well and enjoy the most of it!

Queen, you have always been so nice and sweet to others. I hope you get it all in return in this new year of yours. Enjoy your birthday and have a wonderful new year of happiness ❤️🤍

Queen!!!!!!!!! Ily icon, happy birthday! <3

Happy birthday Sial. Thanks for being such a great friend of mine. You are adorable and i hope our friendship lasts forever. Enjoy your day ❤

wish you the best of the best

Happy Birthday Sial! <3

I just want Systrix to know that she's been an amazing friend to me all the way through , I don't ever talk to many of my friends anymore as I haven't played a game on this site in 3 years. I only come to bet on games & to do my rankings for big brother , the challenge & survivor. She's awesome and anything I can do to help I will. Wishing you a very special Happy Birthday !!! Stay fabulous queen 👑

systrix omgggg my 1 fr 💕💕 my gorgeous virgo twinny slay boots house !!!! ilysm you are always so uplifting & positive & this site needs more of that !! we are so two gorgeous black and brunette besties coded like.. im so obsessed w you & i hope you have the best birthday ever !!! ciao bella xxx

Happy Birthday Sial!

Systrix my Filipina sister, you’re gorgeous and so chic. I’ve seen you defend my name countless of times despite only knowing each other for a short period of time. You’ve tried to hook me up with tengaged boyfriends here and there, but it doesn’t work out because I’m too hot for them, but I appreciate you so much for trying.  I hope you have a grand birthday ilyyy and if I ever visit we should link up and party.

Siallll! HBD 🥳 you old hag, we got close this summer and getting to know you has been a pleasure. Youre insane and funny and I love that about youu. Hope you have a wonderful day 💕.

I Hope you have an amazing day like you truly deserve <3 and I hope you get spoiled rotten with gifts <3
Captzac ❣️

Systrix sorry I’ve not been here for you as much as others I’m hardly alive on here but I am so happy you’re thriving at life and have so much love and support from others I hope you have a great day love you xxx

Happy Birthday Queeeen!!! I am super happy to have gotten to get to know you throughout the years! You're a very special person and I appreciate you so much ❤ Make sure you go absolutely all out today and make it special :)

Cheers - Greg ❤

tyler93 B*tch it's your birthdya !! We miss you ❤️ and can't wait to have a charity altogether again. You have such a positive attitude, and friendly vibe and I hope your dya is surrounded by loved ones! Remember the good times of rtg (even though marweak was undoubtedly a terrible actor... sorry 😂). I hoep Pakistan 🇵🇰 throws one heck of a party for you todya.

From me
Happy birthday to my jealous twin sister aka the WORSE half of the Vuitton sisters (yes, I'm clearly the better half 😈).
Even though you LOVE to copy me, my style, my blogs, my personality, things I've said, EVERYTHING, you are still and will forever be the "twin sister" I've always dreamed of having that I never had. Even if you are absolute GARBAGE at tg survivor whether it be the challenges or repeatedly eating/dreaking ng without fire 🤣 I still enjoy plyaing games with you and I can alwyas count on your undying loyalty to have my back (we really need to join again soon 😬🕯️) . "Nike Balls" and "The Glamorous" are only a few of our most iconic chats ever and I alwyas have so much fun chatting with you and Tyler. We are truly the ultimate chaos-causing trio from our trolling on the blogs page to us stirring up [much-needed] fake drama on this boring ass site. RTG with you and Tyler was one of the highlights of my tg career (we were lowkey a better chris/wane than chris/wane themselves 🤭) and it was such an honor to be your partner in barnish's "the amazon race to golf" as The Vuitton Sisters ❤️❤️❤️ I feel so lucky to have met a friend like you, you are extremely loyal and caring towards your friends and alwyas put others first before yourself. I appreciate our friendship a tonnnnnn, thanks for alwyas sticking by my side and having my back no matter what and you know I'll alwyas do the same :) I can't wait for our next monthly Paris trip and visiting you in Pakistan 🇵🇰🕯️Love youu sooo muchhhhh (MEAN IT), wishing you the most glamorous birthdya and the most glamorous year ahead 🥰💖
Just, whatever you do. DO NOT blow out the candles on your cake... for a very particular reason.. and you know why 😏😉
*hint hint*

sobsssss 😭😭😭 another beautiful bdya. One dya you will find a rich sugar daddy man just like me (just not a crusty ol' alwyas dreak Greek freak 😭😭🤣) who will buy you a Birkin of every color in existence 😂😂 I would love to go back to Paris and do nothing more than continue our monthly trips. Myabe even back to Pakistan where you're from 😭😍 omg and and and we can have Callia and Tyler join us as well and have a mass*ve tg meetup ! Make sure you attend our 1 yr anniversary party for the b*g fat Greek wedding. This is your RSVP... RSVP now... on this blog. Hbd 🎂❤️

SIALLL Happy Birthdya to one of my angelssssssss. Even though you are extremely NEEDY and need my constant attention even while I'm dreak, you are still an amazing friend, hilarious, and loyal. You also have an INCREDIBLE sense of fashion... myabe even better than Callia but let's not tell her 😉 I hoe p you're watching and rooting for me in b*g brother 25 I'm bringing home the B*G WIN for the angels.
PS. you better stop sniffing peace123's armpit hair and dreak up bitch, keep up with me your bdya's here
PPS. I lied above. Callia's style > yours. MISSS YOU ALLL LOTSSSSS . PS. we fired Susana so you're now my favorite Filipino. If you need a job you can come live with me and clean up my shit (espesh from the bidet) full time

LEGEND. Happy birthdya Sial!! I apologize once again for being a lazy ass and not sending in a bdya message for you last year but this year Tyler and Callia told me to "get my shit together" and write one so here we go. Legends. Hoe nestly, you were the best fake me I could've ever projected. Legend.
jk you were absolute horse SHIT at pretending to be me in race to golf. I'm embarrassed at all the blogs, your game performance, and the wya you portryaed my character was so unlike me at all. You dragged my name through the mud, you humiliated me, and you ruined my reputation [of being a legend]. Tg will never look at me the same wya again. Legend of destroying my persona. HBD!!!
PS. At least I can still thank you for your half-failed attempt at flirting with vherita for me while I was gone. Who knew she would've ended up loving my race to golf version wyaaaa more than my main. Legend


had to save the best for last 🤭🤭😏😬
Sent by ParvatiS,Sep 18, 2023
First. Hbd sial ❤️❤️
Sent by Tyler93,Sep 18, 2023
Feliz cumpleaños systrix 💕
Sent by iCristian,Sep 18, 2023
awww happy birthday siss
Sent by TheDeceiver,Sep 18, 2023
Happy birthday isla ❤
Sent by spikedcurley,Sep 18, 2023
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Sent by Gaiaphagee,Sep 18, 2023
happy birthday isla 🗣️
Sent by paul028,Sep 18, 2023
Happy birthday systrix !!
Sent by Cromatique,Sep 18, 2023
Sent by Codyy,Sep 18, 2023
I'm crying 😭 this is so sweet huhuhu I love and appreciate y'all so much. Thank you so much guys. ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Sent by systrix,Sep 18, 2023
Sent by Tester,Sep 18, 2023
happy birthday peapod systrix
Sent by Timberlie,Sep 18, 2023
Sent by systrix,Sep 19, 2023
marwane said I failed at fake flirting u cheritaisdelicious when I portrait myself as marweak. Is it fact? :O
Sent by systrix,Sep 19, 2023
Sent by SaskiaRae,Sep 19, 2023
Sent by MarieEve,Sep 19, 2023
Omg happy birthday systrix you seem like a queen
Sent by Olympia,Sep 19, 2023
happy birthday queen omgggg
Sent by mathboy9,Sep 19, 2023
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