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Top 30 NFL QBs: #30

Mar 28, 2016 by NewOrleansPelicans
imageBrian Hoyer, Houston Texans

Games Started: 11 (10 Regular Season, 1 Postseason)
Record: 5-6
Pass Completion Percentage: 60.7%
Touchdowns-Interceptions: 19-7
Passing Yards: 2,606
Quarterback Rating: 91.4
Yards per Attempt: 7.06

Best Game: 24-36 for 293 yards, 3 touchdowns, 0 interceptions. @ Jacksonville Jaguars
(Stats courtesy of ESPN and Wikipedia)

Brian Hoyer was the best quarterback this season for the Texans, a spot with plenty of contention. Yes, Hoyer did get benched in favor of Ryan Mallett early in the season, however once Mallett got injured, Hoyer took charge and lead the Texans to a division title.

Hoyer's reputation had been tarnished by his performance in the wild card game against the Chiefs, throwing 4 picks leading to a shutout to end the Texans' season.

Hoyer is in the last season of his contract with the Texan's, where he will likely be one of many quarterbacks playing backup to Brock Osweiler in Houston next season. However, with a total of 4 quarterbacks currently on the Texan's roster, a trade to a quarterback needy team wouldn't be unlikely for Hoyer.

Next up, #29
Hint: An all-time great.


PYN to be Tagged


Sent by Memphis_Grizzlies,Mar 28, 2016
LOL he won't get a single start this season
Sent by Brayden_,Mar 28, 2016
LOL hoyer poor guy
Sent by JasonXtreme,Mar 28, 2016
Tag me...I like Hoyer! My guess for #29 is Peyton Manning cause he only played half of the regular season and when he did play, he wasn't that good, but he's obviously an all-time great.
Sent by Dolphinz811,Mar 28, 2016
Hoyers best game being against the jags shocker
Sent by amills5,Mar 28, 2016

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