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Top 30 NFL QBs: Honorable Mentions

Mar 27, 2016 by NewOrleansPelicans
Before I get to the actual top 30, I wanna give a shout out to 5 guys that don't get enough credit.

In alphabetical order...

• Nick Foles, St. Louis Rams

Yes, Foles got benched for Case Keenum mid-season. However, I want to say that Foles still has a bunch of talent, and just because he got benched last season, doesn't mean he is the permanent backup. If he can make strides this off-season, he might just get the #1 job back.

• Blaine Gabbart, San Francisco 49ers

He plain sucked in Jacksonville, there isn't any doubt about that. In San Francisco, though, he outperformed a former Super Bowl starting-quarterback. That shouldn't be taken lightly. and he could very well remain the opening day starter this year.

• Matt Hasselbeck, Indianapolis Colts

He isn't what he used to be, but what he was this year was a good backup plan for an injured Andrew Luck. He didn't last either, but for the handful of games he did play, he got his team quite a few wins and put up decent numbers doing so.

• Case Keenum, St. Louis Rams

I mentioned him above, Case Keenum doesn't get enough credit himself. He took the reigns from Foles, and did a good job with it, keeping the Rams season alive for a while. When it comes to pure talent, Foles might be a better all around quarterback, however I do think Keenum is better for the Rams system. So, its a toss up in my opinion who the Rams will start next year.

• Josh McCown, Cleveland Browns

To be the best quarterback on the Cleveland Browns roster isn't saying much, but that's exactly what McCown was. Johnny Manziel might have a better arm, but Manziel's off field problems make it quite clear that he isn't NFL ready. NFL teams should consider McCown as a back-up option, such as in Dallas or in Indianapolis



Sent by Memphis_Grizzlies,Mar 27, 2016
tag me plz
Sent by wildboy12,Mar 27, 2016
Manziel will rock the NFL just wait
Sent by amills5,Mar 27, 2016
LOL the Rams had a disastrous QB situation
Sent by JasonXtreme,Mar 27, 2016

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