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My Minecraft girlfriend broke up with me

Dec 2, 2023 by Marktint_1
Hey guys I just wanted to let everyone know that Emma and I broke up. She asked to borrow my diamond sword and when I gave it to her she banned me from her Minecraft server and blocked me on Skype. I'm really upset and I'd prefer not to talk about it but if you have questions you can ask me at recess tomorrow. And no, Todd, I am not gay and she is real she just goes to another school but I guess it doesn't matter now she won't be at my birthday party next week after she was such a jerk to me.

Also let me know if you are coming to my birthday party my mom says there will be cake but she needs to know how much to get. Also I have minecraft on my xbox 360 but I only have two controllers so please bring one if you have it. But yeah, Emma and I broke up so yeah.



Sent by jooj,Dec 3, 2023
wait so you had a minecraft girlfriend and yet you're barely 12?
Sent by jooj,Dec 3, 2023

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