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  1. With multis
  2. Remy would defeat Stuart Little.
  3. Stuart Little fucked my mom
  4. Can Minecraft TNT put an end to racism?
  5. Carry two purses.
  6. Ben Shapiro drives a TRUCK
  7. 🚨ATTENTION 🚨 LIBERIAN πŸš¨β—οΈβ—οΈ
  8. guess I'll die
  9. My grandfather was a WW2 veteran.
  10. their not chinese cartoons mom 😑
  11. November 26th. 2018.
  12. I'm facing a dilemma here y'all.
  13. Always remember
  14. πŸŽ΅πŸŽΆπŸ˜‚(Yeah, aye)πŸ˜‚
  15. Green screen 1/5 REVIEW
  16. Look,
  17. Political blog.
  18. Back in the bear country
  19. The last time I ate spaghet
  20. Beowolf πŸ“— is furry culture πŸ•
  21. I own black socks.
  22. cirie was not "robbed" at all
  23. I unfiltered everyone
  24. Jacksonville
  25. Am I transgender?
  26. Is this guy gay?
  27. ⚠️ attention all humans ⚠️
  28. Don't worry
  29. Concerned Christian father here,
  30. Playing King DeDeDe changes you
  31. HOLY CRAP!
  33. A fellow was stuck
  34. I spent 15 thousand dollars on Roblox...
  36. The sky is actually green.
  37. Hit πŸ€› or miss πŸ™…β€β™‚οΈ
  38. No title
  39. Hey guys,
  40. Roses are red

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With multis Dec 15, 2018
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Remy would defeat Stuart Little. Dec 14, 2018
Remy is a black rat, these rodents can reach a length of 13 to 18 inches with a mass of up to 12 ounces. Film Stuart Little (not book Stuart Little) is a mouse. From this screenshot we see that Stuart is the size of a common toothbrush. Toothbrushes are about 7 inches long. The most common species of mouse that can be white and grows up to seven inches is Mus musculus, the common house mouse. These mice can only grow to be 7 inches long and only weigh a puny 1.6 ounces. Remy is twice as large as Stuart Little and weighs almost 6 times as much as Stuart Little. In a battle of sheer strength, Remy would wipe the floor with Stuart Little.

Strength is not only about strength but smarts and tactics. Once again, Remy wins. Stuart Little is but a child. While bright for a kid, he's by no means a genius and his brain is underdeveloped. Remy is a hyper intelligent adult rat with an intensive knowledge on the culinary arts. No war was ever won on an empty stomach. Remy has a special ability to control humans by manipulating the hair on their heads. Effectively Remy has a giant mech that can squash Stuart Little with its feet. Stuart Little is a decent sailor but he lacks the know-how to command a vessel larger than a model rc boat.

Allies are important for any battle, however, Remy once-again has Stuart Little beat. Stuart Little's allies include his adoptive mother, father, his older brother, and a cat (who often is his enemy). Remy has the support of his father, his brother, hundreds of Parisian rats, a fully staffed restaurant, and every food critic in Paris. If Remy commands it, he could assemble an army that would tear apart Stuart Little and his family.
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Stuart Little fucked my mom Dec 13, 2018
Fuck you I hate you Stuart you disgusting rodent. You have torn my family apart and now my parents are getting divorced because you couldn't help putting your tiny little rat cock inside my mother

FUCK YOU I hope you rot in hell Stuart I'm only 9 and I shouldn't be dealing with these issues at my age. My dad has a shotgun and he said he'll fucking eviscerate your little rat intestines.

I hate you, fuck you.
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Can Minecraft TNT put an end to racism? Dec 13, 2018
πŸ’‘I say we take all the racist villagers, and πŸ’₯blowπŸ’₯ them upπŸ” with πŸ’£πŸ’€TNTπŸ’€πŸ’£. They won't even stand πŸ…°οΈ chance. I know what their "HUH"s really mean 😏. Racism STOPS HERE you filthy villagers!😭😦😦😭
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Carry two purses. Dec 13, 2018
One with your valuables, and the ringer with a brick. If a thief steals the one with a brick...well, congrats to them, they just stole a useless brick. But if they try to take the real one, you now have a handy-dandy bludgeon to pummel them with. Plus, it's good for prop comedy. Say a girlfriend asks if you have an extra pad, you pull out the brick and act all nonchalant. What? It's for my heavy days. If they don't laugh? Again! Bag with a brick! Pummel your friends! Pummel your family! Mom riding your ass about poor life choices? Hey Ma! Stand still, I want to float something by you, see if it clicks with you. Boyfriend giving you grief that you carry too many handbags? Hold still, bub. Ice cream truck surrounded by pesky grubby kids again? Not anymore. Swing your way to freedom. Brick in a bag. At all Walmarts for the low, low price of $18.99. Designer rocks now on sale at select stores for $21.99. Brick in a bag!*

*In no way do we condone knocking unsuspecting children upside the head whilst procuring snow cones.
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Ben Shapiro drives a TRUCK Dec 13, 2018
full of FACTS AND LOGIC into a crowd of MINORITIES while SJW FEMINISTS cry liberal tears and ignore STATISTICS about BLACK CRIME and LGBT MENTAL ILLNESSES while TRUMP does PATRIOTIC SPEECH at the Tomb Of The Lost Soldier and BASED Conservatives stand with their HANDS ON THEIR HEARTS and redpill the SHEEPLE about respecting the FLAG! Based ****** Milo FIRES an ICBM filled with CONSERVATIVE TALKING POINTS into LEFTIST CUCKS who get BTFO and shake uncontrollably when their WORLDVIEW is shattered by the TRUTH (Made gays cry) (black guy WalksAway) (Trump cums) (Almost got arrested).
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