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You don't won, expect the unexpected.

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I just smashed my TV in front of 30 guests at my party because of the game. My wife just took our crying kids and said they鈥檙e all spending the week at a hotel. This team has ruined my life and my party. I can鈥檛 handle this anymore. Goodbye Cowboys. I am no longer a fan.

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The end of Mayor Meanswell. Jan 12, 2024

It has been a good week. #shops
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Funny Story Jan 11, 2024
When I was a kid I played Fable 3, and when you become the ruler of the kingdom you have to make tough choices. One of the choices came and it was whether or not to turn the local orphanage into a brothel. This change would result in extra income for the kingdom which was quite lacking in funds. In my ignorance I thought "brothel" meant a soup house for the poor of the city. Too my horror I arrived at the freshly renovated brothel orphanage and was greeted to foul acts of debauchery. Only now do I realize, it was, in fact, the right choice.

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When she a 10 but Jan 9, 2024
she doesn't have Pitbull on her playlist:
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Did you know? Jan 8, 2024
WOW is MOM upside-down
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Morant drives a TRUCK Jan 7, 2024
full of FACTS AND LOGIC into a crowd of MINORITIES while BLUE HAIR FEMINISTS cry liberal tears and ignore STATISTICS about BLACK CRIME and LGBT MENTAL ILLNESSES while TRUMP does PATRIOTIC SPEECH at the Tomb Of The Lost Soldier and BASED Conservatives stand with their HANDS ON THEIR HEARTS and redpill the SHEEPLE about respecting the FLAG! Based (fella) Milo FIRES an ICBM filled with CONSERVATIVE TALKING POINTS into LEFTIST CUCKS who get BTFO and shake uncontrollably when their WORLDVIEW is shattered by the TRUTH (Made gays cry) (black guy WalksAway) (Trump cums) (Almost got arrested).

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