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cirie was not "robbed" at all

Jun 16, 2023 by Marktint_1
i don't think cirie was robbed in the game changers finale.  the game of survivor is fair for everyone.  cirie was eliminated not only because of her lack of forethought, but tai's lack of thought in general.  there comes a point when it's just too late to save yourself.  that moment for her was standing up at the f7 tribal and trying to play a power that wasn't hers to play.  she threw tai under the bus, made her ally sarah not trust her, and accidentally got out her right hand lady michaela.  if aubry was voted out like sarah planned, then tai wouldn't have been able to use the hii on her in the f6, which ultimately is what got her out.  even if tai used it on aubry in f7, he would've expended one of the idols that made cirie get snuffed by default the following tribal.  maybe a chain reaction of idol plays could've happened?  cirie would've been safe nonetheless.  this one crucial round was where cirie should've been under the radar, but instead she tried to channel the ghost of Ciera " #BigMewvs #SheVotedOutHerMom" Eastin, which may have looked impressive to the jury if it worked, but it just didn't.  the move was not successful, but it was still fun to watch develop.  cirie is always a treasure to watch.  she made a terrible, terrible move but i think that alone is kinda the point of "game changers."  there were people who were cast that made sly moves, spectacular moves, stupid moves (omg Survivor 36: Sly Moves v. Spectacular Moves v. Stupid Moves??) and in this case cirie made a stupid move, but a move was made nonetheless.  cirie is still the quintessential survivor strategist.  she made one mistake and in this case it was the mistake that made her game fall apart.  it's the fatal flaw in her storyline.  but with that mistake, cirie made survivor history and became the first to be voted out with literally 0 votes (im sure there technically have been others but please don't poke holes in cirie's iconicness).  she had such a beautiful moment that would've gone amiss had the sequence of events that occurred were different.  i had goosebumps watching cirie, who is probably the most legendary non-winner in survivor history, realizing along with everyone else there that she was effectively just voted out with not a single vote... and jeff didn't even open the urn!  these are just one of the many things that makes cirie a goddess in every sense of the word.  she isn't a goddess because she was "robbed" - that would make her a victim.  she is a goddess because she makes moments like this happen, intentional and not intentional ones, in the pursuit of a million dollars.  i remember watching survivor panama, cirie's premiere season 12 years ago and the 12th season of survivor overall. in the first episode there were talks of voting cirie out first.  she lucked out though, and tina got voted out instead.  if cirie had been voted out, we would've lost her in the vestiges of irrelevance forever, but her legacy still lives on and she'll be immortalized in survivor history.  this, really, is what makes her a survivor.   i think we ought to celebrate a cherish what cirie accomplished this season and in her entire survivor career, which she built from the couch up.  i think she really embodied everything that this season was meant to embody, and that's why probst and the reunion audience gave her that well-due round of applause and honor.  you didn't see them crying or shaking their fist at her elimination.  there's no point in crying over spilled milk.


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