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  4. I wonder what you'll pay for next.
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  18. Don't let the door hit you on your way out!
  19. I need some positivity in my life
  20. With who you associate me with?
  21. are you talking to me?
  22. He is also horny
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  25. never have too big expectation
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  35. what should I watch on Netflix
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  37. PYN 💙💚💛
  38. wow nice lips
  39. thanks for being so sweet to me
  40. what type are you

pyn ♡

Jan 14, 2019 by MarieEve
And ill tell you what I hate about you
(If i don't know I'll say what I hate on your profile or avi)

lexeyjane I don't really know you but you get along easily with people and it can be something I can be jealous of lol

Daddydev you get mad easily over in our survivor but I'm happy we are good now xx

wannabeefriends when you said my kids should be drown in the bath. You get mad easily over game too. But I'm glad we talk about it after and you aren't that bad after all. The words took over your thoughts

thumper91 at one time I got jealous of you because of someone. But it's past you are so nice how can people hate you lol pm me if u wanna know more haha

sk8ergal when you join those tons of castings and go inact and die lol

xrachel  that we didn't played a game since a while together

icarus_mark when you spammed that castings lmaooo leaving me no chances at all lolll ily

jayglezst u didn't posted your name that is a good reason itself to hate about you  😉 but what I hate the most is when you ignore me.

Don_draper when you don't tell me what is wrong and you don't answer me lol still love you tho :p

redfabfoxy when you voted me out of survivor

rosemaria I don't know you a lot but I'll say that your gif on your profile annoy me lol


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Alright, me
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