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The Lauttyy's blog

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Level TV Star Nov 14, 2021
imageOmg, I can't believe I made it. I've been in this site since 2009 and finally I bought TV Star. I want to thank some of my old and new friends that helped me!


Spam me, I'll give you my +15! <3
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Stupid assholes Jul 29, 2021
Why do you join a First HOH charity if you're going to do whatever you want!? Just wait for the next rookies, no need to screw over the game and our t$

Charity ruiners
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The truth is Jun 1, 2021
AliBonico I didn't say that I won't stop until you get banned. I said that your comments and actions are always at the limit of being bannable. So if you go on being like that, you may get the perm. Don't twist my words.

And you showed my comments insulting you and saying I harass you. YOU joined a casting where I'm at with the girl you called "chimpanzee" for being dark skin, it's a 20 post, you ruined it, like every game you joined in, and now you say I harass you!? YOU'RE THE ONE HARASSING ME IN PMs! What the fuck is wrong with you?
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Cocainita saying I disgust her May 25, 2021
and that I'm stupid because she says #AliBonico is not racist because Andrea15 is not black. And I'm the stupid one.. let me explain you something, idiot:

Don't you understand that the point of discussion is not Andrea's skin color, but AliBonico's racist comment? AliBonico called her chimpanzee because of her avi. I'll explain you with an example; let's say that someone calls you the f- word... it doesn't matter if you are a lesbian or not, the comment is still homophobic, DO YOU UNDERSTAND THE POINT NOW? OR IS IT TOO DIFFICULT FOR YOU?

Stop defending a racist, you clown cocainita
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AliBonico racist May 24, 2021
imageCalling "chimpancé" to a black girl? Isn't that racist?

This is the Screenshot:
This is the game:

brandonpinzu CheapCheep koolness234 randomize
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It sucks Apr 28, 2021
Those people BULLIED and neg #honeybunch1 and the rest of the cast the last 5 days. You can check that casting, they were insufferable. Three boys ( kyle12212 Singsongers and endIessryan) ganging against that poor girl who just joined the game to play. Check any page of that casting and you'll see the three of them spamming, bullying, negging and mocking the rest of the cast, especially to honeybunch1.

I'm not even on that cast, but some of my friends were, and they had been telling me what was happening, and now I see this ban. It's completly accurate to ban #honeybunch1 for breaking the rules, but what about the 3 boys who had been harrasing her and provoking her this last 5 days? It's not fair the see they laughing now that they got her banned
brandonpinzu CheapCheep koolness234 randomize
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