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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

It sucks

2ndApr 28, 2021 by Lauttyy
Those people BULLIED and neg #honeybunch1 and the rest of the cast the last 5 days. You can check that casting, they were insufferable. Three boys ( kyle12212 Singsongers and endIessryan) ganging against that poor girl who just joined the game to play. Check any page of that casting and you'll see the three of them spamming, bullying, negging and mocking the rest of the cast, especially to honeybunch1.

I'm not even on that cast, but some of my friends were, and they had been telling me what was happening, and now I see this ban. It's completly accurate to ban #honeybunch1 for breaking the rules, but what about the 3 boys who had been harrasing her and provoking her this last 5 days? It's not fair the see they laughing now that they got her banned
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Kyle is a raging psycho so I’m not surprised
Sent by austino15fffan,Apr 28, 2021
All involved should get a ban then...
Sent by tiffanox3,Apr 28, 2021
To be fair they shouldn’t play innocent when they constantly join in premades and neg the fuck out of everyone else and spam like crazy
Sent by RedFabFoxy,Apr 28, 2021
How petty of them.
Sent by Jessie_,Apr 28, 2021
Sent by Letal,Apr 28, 2021
Sent by Anikaygisela,Apr 28, 2021
They may be annoying but at least they weren’t homophobic
Sent by SmoothStalker12,Apr 28, 2021
Not Honey!!!
Sent by 13bam,Apr 28, 2021
Sick of people gaslighting women on this website it happens over and over.
Sent by Jasmina,Apr 28, 2021
Sent by Aquariaz,Apr 28, 2021
Sent by looana,Apr 28, 2021
Jaja si la han baneado por algo será, si los mods tienen q banear a los q me dan negas en los juegos nos quedamos sin gente aquí xddddd
Sent by Bertinho,Apr 29, 2021
Bertinho si, la banearon e hicieron bien porque dijo la palabra que empieza con F... ese no es el punto del blog, yo no cuestiono eso. Solo pongo contexto a la situación. Lo de los negas esta permitido tambien, solo que es molesto decir "hola" y que sin razon empiecen a darte -4 sin razon alguna, es parte del juego pero no es una jugada que yo respete, pero eso ya es gusto mio. Lo que sí no es correcto es el acoso que recibió ella. Honey decia algo y ellos ya empezaban a insultarla y burlarse de ella, los 3 a la vez contra ella. Daba lastima leer como una chica se tenia que defender de 3 hombres atacandola. Ese es mi punto, no veo justo que eso dure 5 dias y encima se pongan a festejar y reirse luego del baneo. El acoso no deberia estar permitido
Sent by Lauttyy,Apr 29, 2021

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