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Oct 14, 2019 by Kaseyhope101

Episode 9 of 10 “What Do We Do Now?”

Kaseyhope101 - Stella Albright “Sensor”
Kelly2722 - Alexa Rose
Jasoi - Julia Czones “Vinata”
SharonMaItems - Kim Eun-ji “Violeta”
macda27 - Mac Daniels “Light Storm”
#macda27 - Jack Daniels “Dark Storm”
JonMcGillis - Ji
tkoj555 - Marjorey Candiss “Marjorey”
varlto - Álvaro Sánchez “Fuerza Mística”
#varlto - Sarah Door “Night Woman”
MJFJUNE - Aurora Peyton “Saint”
#MJFJUNE - Samuel Peyton “Vyx”
mrbird - Raul Andle “Tlaloc”
lemons - Jaime Newton “Neuron”
BluJay112 - Eden Kirkley “Eden”
aria_grande - Noah Uhua “Europa”
#Paralox - Julia Thompson “Minera”
#Paralox - Mike Thompson “Thundro”

Katherinee_ - Madison Blossom “The Green Witch”
Turkeylover - Max Hernandez “Maximum”
#Turkeylover - Jessica Hernandez

ShaneDawson12345 - Julian Grantham “X”
CrimsonEnnui - Jade
Paralox - Dann Thompson "PyroBolt"
Yandereboy12 - Cindy Kiss "Poison Kisses"
#varlto - Ethan Sea “Actus Mortis”

#ShaneDawson12345 - Mark Calwaski “Dark Shadow”
#aria_grande - Nyla Uhua “Spine Striker”

The Universals (New Recruits + X Team Affiliates) :
#Kelly2722 - Seth Khan “Magnus”
#Katherinee_ - Voelixxa Zeesnirge “Moontwist”
#Katherinee_ - Nadia d’Ark “Darkadia”
#Kaseyhope101 - Princess Maliyah

The Street Walkers (New Recruits + X Team Affiliates) : 
Zuelke - Amber von Dragomir “Hydra”
DevinB - Gia Heights “Gia Versace”
Tide - Eros Valentine “Eros”

#Zuelke - Blaine von Dragomir “Wyvern”
#Zuelke - Charles von Dragomir “Serpent”
#CrimsonEnnui - Sonya Blade
SeaViper - Sea Viper “Red Viper”

Percy Spring
Genevieve Taylor
#MJFJUNE - Mandla Qobi “Ithemba”
#CrimsonEnnui - Mileena


*Neuron is effectively fighting off Magnus with energy bolts and attacks, as he struggles to even get any type of advantage over her*

Magnus - “You think you’re stronger than you actually are.”

Neuron - “Oh, really?” *raises her arms above her head, and she swings her arms down, an energy bolt destroying a line in the road in front of her, and throwing Magnus on his back*

*Magnus, as he’s on the ground, raises his arm in the air, and swings his arm down, causing a building to fall over in the distance. By the building stands Minera and PyroBolt. Neuron turns to Magnus, disgusted, as she takes her hands and swings them down, her energy levitating her into the air. She flies over to the building, and creates a forcefield, protecting people both outside and inside*

*Magnus gets up, and relaxes, as Alexa Rose walks out, and walks towards him*

Alexa Rose - “I’m not scared of you anymore.”

Magnus - “You should be. Just watch.” *raises his hands out and, just by thinking, Ji, who was standing off to the side, is dragged down the street into his arms* “I can just…” *he closes his hand into a fist and Ji starts coughing and choking* “Kill.”

*Alexa Rose raises her hand out, and Ji is ripped out of Magnus’s hands, gasping for air*

Alexa Rose - “You think you got strong? I did, too.”

Magnus - “Alright, then.”

*Ji struggles to catch her breath, before throwing a rock at Magnus’s head*

*Magnus holds his hand out, and the rock stops in midair, and he turns back towards Ji, but Alexa Rose stops the rock before it can make an impact, and it shatters into little pieces, Alexa Rose throws her hands in the air, causing the rock fragments to fly all over the air above*

Magnus - “You did get strong, but I am stronger.” *he reaches his arm out to grab Alexa Rose by the throat, and lift her up, successfully doing so*

*Alexa Rose raises her hand again, to take some of the rock fragments, and direct them in Magnus’s direction, one rock hitting him in the eye, forcing him to let go of Alexa Rose to hold his eye. Alexa Rose falls to the ground, catching her breath*

Magnus - “SHIT. You bitch.”

Alexa Rose - “I thought you were stronger?” *picks up a rock and stabs her own eye out, unphased. Her eye quickly just heals* “You couldn’t hurt me if you tried.”

Magnus - “We’ll see about that.”


*Neuron creates a shield that will prevent the building from collapsing, as PyroBolt and Minera move out of the way*

PyroBolt - “My own sister. Against me.”

Minera - “You put me and my son in danger. I did what had to be done. You’re selfish.”

PyroBolt - “What do you want me to do to make it up to you?”

Minera - “The Protectors let me in with open arms. I will not turn on them.”

PyroBolt - “But you’ll turn on me.”

Minera - “I wasn’t going to let you get me and Mike killed.”

*PyroBolt scoffs*

Minera - “Are you going to fight me?”

*PyroBolt pauses*

Minera - “Your own sister.”

PyroBolt - “Why'd you turn on me?”

Minera - “I didn’t turn on you. I protected my family.”

PyroBolt - “By turning on me.”

Minera - “If you cared about my loyalty, you wouldn’t have put me in harm’s way. I wasn’t going to sit around and wait to be murdered like a pawn on your sadistic chess board.”

PyroBolt - “I worked with The Reaper to make sure that wouldn’t happen.”

Minera - “Well, it happened. I did what I had to do to protect myself. From you. Now, I will give you one more chance. Don’t make me do something I don’t want to do.”

PyroBolt - “Please. What would you do?”

*Minera raises her arms, and every tiny stone and speck of dirt rises in the air, above her head, creating a giant ball of stones, dirt and dust*

*PyroBolt creates a fireball in his hand*

*Minera scoffs, and throws her hand down, every stone blows into PyroBolt, causing him to fall down, and he struggles to get back up*



PyroBolt - “You already have.”

*Minera shrugs, with an eye roll, before causing the rest of the rocks to pile upon him*

Minera - “I’m sorry.”


*Europa stands up, gripping his stomach wound. Europa, Saint and Vyx corner Spine Striker*

Spine Striker - “Oh, a triple teaming?” *holds her hand out, and spins around, shooting needles at all of them, landing a few hits, but as usual Vyx is unphased by them. Vyx starts walking towards her* “Ugh, shit.” *continues shooting at Vyx specifically*

Vyx - “You’ll just never lear- AHHHHHH.” *he falls to the ground in pain*

*Spine Striker looks up, and sees Darkadia standing behind Vyx, causing him to feel all of this pain, effortlessly*

Spine Striker - “I told you to stay out of it, Darkadia.”

Darkadia - “You seemed to be handling it amazingly, but I thought you could use some help.”

Spine Striker - “That wasn’t your decision to make.” *shoots Darkadia with a needle*

Darkadia - “Oh, you bitch.” *rips the needle out, and aggressively stares at Spine Striker* “You shouldn’t have done that.”

Spine Striker - “Wait, what are you-” *immediately starts sobbing, falling to her knees* “WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME?”

Darkadia - “Hurting you. Worse than you’ve ever been hurt before. It’s alright, though. It’s all an illusion. But you are a selfish little bitch who can’t do shit by herself but is too narcissistic to ask for help. Your power ain’t shit compared to mine. Got it?”

*Spine Striker shoots Darkadia with a needle again, with the lacking energy she has left*

*Darkadia rolls her eyes, as Spine Striker is knocked unconscious from the pain and energy being sucked out of her*

*Darkadia looks around her, noticing Vyx, Saint, Europa and now Spine Striker all either slouched over or unconscious, as Darkadia stands tall*

Darkadia - “Damn.”


*Serpent lays Wyvern down on his back. Wyvern clearly in pain, but slightly gaining consciousness*

Serpent - “You’re okay.”

Wyvern - “Yeah. I am. Let’s go and find her now. She won’t expect us. We can kill her.”

Serpent - “No, Blaine. We can’t. It’s too late. You’re too weak now. She’s the strongest of all of us. We are done. We need to leave.”

Wyvern - “Don’t call me weak. And don’t say what we need to do. You’ve been against this from the start with your shady ulterior motives. Nobody is blind to your games.”

Serpent - “Ulterior motives? Peace for the people?”

Wyvern - “You’ve been trying to pin me and Amber against each other for years. To avoid having us follow through with our big picture visions. You don’t need to try anymore, I’m against Amber, and I’m going to kill her.” *stands up, and walks over to the ladder*

*Serpent takes a pipe and hits Wyvern in the back of the head*

Wyvern - “UGH!” *turns around, shocked and disgusted by Serpent’s actions* “You tried to kill me…” *he engulfs into flames* “To protect that bitch.”

Serpent - “No.. no no no. That’s not why. I was just trying to stop you from doing something stupid…”

*Wyvern, not listening, grabs Serpent by the throat. The fire on his hands burning Serpent’s throat*

Wyvern - “Hurts doesn’t it. The flame. Against your neck.”

*Serpent tries to keep breathing, but can’t catch his breath*

*Wyvern walks over to the ledge of the building, and holds Serpent over. 20 stories away from the ground*

Wyvern - “Say hi to mama for me.”

*Serpent starts to smile*

Serpent, through muffled breaths - “You’re… so… stupid.”

Wyvern - “Oh, you thought I was going to drop you?” *crushes Serpent’s neck, killing him instantly* “This was just for show.” *throws Serpent over the ledge, casually* “I really have the worst siblings.”

*A bus drives over Serpent’s dead body*


*Marjorey sprints away, almost catching up to Vinata, when Jade tackles her down*

*Marjorey groans, punching Jade in the face, and pushing her off of on top of her*


*Jade grips her knife, and smiles*

Jade - “Yes, I do.” *runs towards Marjorey*

*Marjorey ducks, dodging a slash from the knife, and she punches Jade in the chest, before running away*

*Quickly Jade regains balance, and follows Marjorey, as Sonya Blade chases towards her, with Red Viper*


*Fuerza Mística and Night Woman stare out a window, overlooking the city, and they exchange a glance*

Fuerza Mística - “We’re going to need back-up.”

*Night Woman sighs and nods*


Sonya Blade - “STOP, JADE.”

*Jade turns her head, with a slight eye roll*

Jade - “Sonya. I’m real tired of your shit.”

*Sonya Blade takes her stun gun out*

Sonya Blade - “Please, stop. Jade.”

*Marjorey stops running, a few steps ahead, and turns around, watching this interaction*

Jade - “Why do you care so much? What has this bitch done for you?”

Red Viper - “She’s a good person.”


Sonya Blade - “Your best friend was a psychopath.”

Jade - “Mileena was the psychopath.”

Red Viper - “You’re obsessed.”

Jade - “With justice?” *stares at Marjorey* “For sure.”

*Red Viper rolls her eyes*


*Violeta and Vinata run over to Sensor, who is on the sidewalk*

Vinata, tears soaking her eyes - “My mother is dead.”

*Sensor shockedly stares at Vinata*

*Vinata hugs Sensor, as Sensor struggles to process what she just said*

Violeta - “What do we do now, boss?”

*Sensor sits down, shocked, before noticing Actus Mortis walking towards them*

Sensor - “Look out.”

*Actus Mortis grabs Vinata*

Actus Mortis - “Let’s see what powers you have.”

*Vinata slightly smirks, and winks at Violeta*

*Violeta raises her gun up, at Actus Mortis’s head*

Actus Mortis - “You’d kill your friend? For no reason?”

Violeta - “Oh, no. Your plan is simply just flawed.”

Actus Mortis - “Oh, how's that?”

Vinata - “My power…” *elbows Actus Mortis in the groin, jumps up, wraps her legs around his throat and elbows him in the back of the head, knocking him unconscious* “Isn’t attainable.”

Sensor - “Vinata, do you want to be the new trainer to replace Vexell?”

Violeta - “It’s hardly the time for that type of talk, Sensor.”

*Vinata slightly nods, and looks around*

Sensor - “Where’s X?”

*X descends down from the sky, landing in the middle of the streets, making direct eye contact with Vinata when he lands*

Vinata, with an exhale - “There he is.”


*Poison Kisses sits down on a bench, filing her nails, ignoring fighting anyone*

*Gia Versace and Eros walk over to her*

Gia Versace - “What are you doing?”

Poison Kisses - “I’ve had a change of heart. I’m a pacifist now.”

Gia Versace - “What the-”

*Dark Storm reveals himself from a few steps away and creates a rain cloud*

Poison Kisses - “Pacifist out.” *runs away*

Gia Versace - “Shit, she might’ve had a point.”

Eros - “We can take him.”

*Light Storm stands by Dark Storm, and they stand hand in hand*

Eros - “Remember what Hurricane said…”

Light Storm - “We’re stronger together. We do remember. Now, do you want to try us?”

Dark Storm - “Or do you want to do what Poison Kisses did, and run?”

Eros - “We’re stronger together, too.”

Gia Versace - “Really not the same, Eros.”

Darkadia - “NO, but…”

*Darkadia stands by Gia Versace*

Darkadia - “With me, it’s different.”

Dark Storm - “Shit.”

*Gia Versace slightly smirks*

Eros - “What do you two do?”

*Dark Storm directs a lightning strike in their direction, and causes a mini explosion, that causes Gia Versace and Darkadia to dive down. As she is on her knees, Gia Versace focuses on Dark Storm. Dark Storm falls to his knees, in pain*

*Light Storm brings down a lightning bolt, striking Eros*

Eros - “UGH!” *falls down*

*Darkadia runs over to Eros, making sure he is alright*

*Gia Versace stands tall against Light Storm, squinting slightly, causing him to quickly fall to his knees in pain*


*As Gia Versace is sidetracked, Dark Storm stands up, and punches her in the face*

Gia Versace - “OW, YOU CAN’T JUST HIT A GIRL.”

Dark Storm - “You just put me under some type of-”

*From behind him, Poison Kisses smashes him in the back of the head with a rock, instantly knocking him unconscious, and then she does the same with Light Storm*

Poison Kisses - “You all owe me.”


*Marjorey is standing near a road. Jade stands in the middle, as Sonya Blade and Red Viper watch on*

Jade - “You know… I’m over this.” *takes out a gun and shoots both Sonya Blade and Red Viper in the chests, and they instantly fall to their knees*

*Marjorey takes her shot and sprints at Jade, who quickly turns back around, but before she can aim her gun, Marjorey grabs it and chucks it out of her hands, and knees Jade in the chest*

*Jade takes her knife, and stabs Marjorey in the chest, and tackles her down*

Jade - “I’m done with your games.” *raises her knife in the air, but before she can do anything, she is shot in her side* “AGH.”

*Jade falls on her back, before noticing Mileena holding her gun*

Mileena drops the gun, casually, and walks over to Marjorey - “Are you okay?”

*Marjorey nods, staring at her wound*

Marjorey - “I can’t heal myself, but it isn’t that bad… what are you doing here?”

Mileena - “I’m back-up. Just so happens you needed it.”


The finale is on its way.

Everything comes to an end.

Who will win? Will everyone make it out alive? Will anyone?

Find out on the finale.

But comment your predictions and thoughts!


two von dragomirs to go

the protector puff girls will ascend
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Poison Kisses is so iconic
Sent by turkeylover,Oct 14, 2019
Darkadia is literally my new favorite character and not because she is my character but because I love her power and how powerful and iconic she is. Spine Striker was already 3v1 and she decided to attack Darkedia for helping her? What an idiot move! She should've died right there for her stupidity. Also Poison Kisses stole the episode with these strikes on the Storm brothers. I dont think that anyone can not like her! She is an icon! RIP SERPENT! Wyvern was brutal. Mileena came right on time and oh my god! The Finale is going to be SO intense! I can feel it!
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Yay pacifists rule
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We Stan a pacifist
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Also, I'm I dead or injured?
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