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Sep 22, 2019 by Kaseyhope101

Episode 3 of 10 “Follower or Leader, Lies & Deceit”

Kaseyhope101 - Stella Albright “Sensor”
Kelly2722 - Alexa Rose
Jasoi - Maria Czones “Vexell”
SharonMaItems - Kim Eun-ji “Violeta”
macda27 - Mac Daniels “Light Storm”
#macda27 - Jack Daniels “Dark Storm”
JonMcGillis - Ji
tkoj555 - Marjorey Candiss “Marjorey”
varlto - Álvaro Sánchez “Fuerza Mística”
#varlto - Sarah Door “Night Woman”
MJFJUNE - Aurora Peyton “Saint”
#MJFJUNE - Samuel Peyton “Vyx”
mrbird - Raul Andle “Tlaloc”
lemons - Jaime Newton “Neuron”
BluJay112 - Eden Kirkley “Eden”
aria_grande - Noah Uhua “Europa”

ShaneDawson12345 - Julian Grantham “X”
CrimsonEnnui - Jade
Flamergamer8 - Dennis Arceneaux “The Reaper”/“King of the Dead”
Paralox - Dann Thompson "PyroBolt"
Yandereboy12 - Cindy Kiss "Poison Kisses"
#varlto - Ethan Sea “Actus Mortis”

#Kelly2722 - Seth Khan “Magnus”
#Katherinee_ - Voelixxa Zeesnirge “Moontwist”
#Katherinee_ - Nadia d’Ark “Darkadia”
#Kaseyhope101 - Princess Maliyah

Katherinee_ - Madison Blossom “The Green Witch”

Zuelke - Amber von Dragomir “Hydra”
DevinB - Gia Heights “Gia Versace”
Tide - Eros Valentine “Eros”
#Macda27 - Mark Daniels “Hurricane”
#CrimsonEnnui - Kano

SeaViper - Sea Viper “Red Viper”
Turkeylover - Max Hernandez “Maximum”
#Turkeylover - Jessica Hernandez
#Zuelke - Blaine von Dragomir “Wyvern”
#Zuelke - Charles von Dragomir “Serpent”
#ShaneDawson12345 - Mark Calwaski “Dark Shadow”
#Paralox - Julia Thompson “Minera”
#Paralox - Mike Thompson “Thundro”
#Jasoi - Julia Czones “Vinata”
#aria_grande - Nora Uhua “Poison Whisper”
#aria_grande - Nyla Uhua “Spine Striker”
#CrimsonEnnui - Sonya Blade


*The Green Witch enters a side door into an abandoned building. It’s made into an apartment of sorts. She is approached by Maximum and Jessica*

The Green Witch - “Hey.”

Jessica - “What’s up?”

The Green Witch - “Nothing. I thought somebody I knew was out there… turned out to just be a stranger.”

Maximum - “Did anyone see you?”

The Green Witch - “Nah, I’m good at staying hidden. I don’t think anybody has even bothered looking for me since the battle. Not even my best friend.” *sighs*

Jessica - “Some friend, huh?”

The Green Witch - “She knew I didn’t want to be found.”

Jessica - “Everybody wants to be found. Deep down.”

*Maximum sighs*

The Green Witch - “I miss having a life sometimes…”

Jessica - “You can always go back.”

The Green Witch - “Sometimes… you can’t go back. There’s things you can’t go back to… you just have to go forward.”


Jessica - “We know what you mean…”

Maximum - “Oh, we know all about that.”

*Jessica slightly chuckles, making eye contact with Maximum with a slight pout*



*PyroBolt walks inside, and walks into the kitchen. Much to his surprise, The Reaper is sitting at the table, holding Thundro, as Minera sits next to him*

PyroBolt - “Whoa…”

The Reaper - “Hello.”

*Minera stares at PyroBolt, tears in her eyes, clearly angered*

PyroBolt - “What are you doing here, Sir?”

The Reaper - “Can we talk?”

*PyroBolt nods, nervously. The Reaper hands Thundro back to Minera, and Minera exhales, wiping a tear away*

*The Reaper gets up and follows PyroBolt into a private room*

PyroBolt - “You can’t just do that.”

The Reaper - “Oh, yes I can.”

PyroBolt - “What do you want?”

The Reaper - “I want to know you have my back. I want your loyalty.”

PyroBolt - “What?”

The Reaper - “Will you serve me over X? X is a child. He is unfit to lead our team. I need to know if you agree with me on this and will serve me over him.”

PyroBolt - “Serve?”

The Reaper - “Yes. Follow the leadership of me.”

PyroBolt - “I didn’t know we were playing follow the leader.”

The Reaper - “Isn’t that every team, though? Every team has a leader. Would you rather have it be me or a 13 year old?”

PyroBolt - “He’s 16.

The Reaper - “And I’m an adult. You need someone who can actually lead, not someone who needs a babysitter.”

PyroBolt - “I’m sorry, but how am I supposed to trust you over him? He’s been transparent with us.”

The Reaper - “Have I not?”

PyroBolt - “You just want power.”

The Reaper - “And X doesn’t?”

PyroBolt - “He wants to avenge his father.”

The Reaper - “And to get that, he wants the power.”

PyroBolt - “I don’t know if I can trust what you’ll do with said power.”

The Reaper - “Well, let’s think of it like this… if you don’t want to elect me as leader… maybe I don’t want your family in the picture.”

*PyroBolt’s face drops*


*Minera eavesdrops with Thundro by her side. Her jaw is dropped, and a tear streams down her face. She backs away from the door and kneels down*

Minera, whispering - “Baby, go run out to the car and lock the doors. I’ll be right out.”

*Thundro runs outside to the car*

*Minera runs to the kitchen and takes her keys off of a hook, and then runs over to a drawer and takes a knife out*


PyroBolt - “Leave my sister out of this.”

The Reaper - “You brought her into this when you told X where you lived.”

PyroBolt - “My sister let me live here when I got a job for you guys. You people RECRUITED me and now you’re using that against me.”

The Reaper - “Yes. If talking to you won’t work… maybe this will. I will kidnap Minera. Kidnap Thundro. And then kidnap you. Tie you all up. And then kill your entire family. And then you. Or…. you can bend a knee to your new leader.”

*PyroBolt slaps The Reaper in the face, as fire radiates from his hand, leaving a clear burn mark on The Reaper’s cheek*

The Reaper, mostly unphased - “Okay, well… are you in, at least?”

PyroBolt - “Only because I don’t want to kill you. And I definitely don’t want my family to die. I will accept you as my leader. For now.”

The Reaper - “If I ever even think you COULD be turning on me… I’ll murder everyone you know and or love.”

*PyroBolt exhales as The Reaper exits the room*

The Reaper - “By the way… don’t tell X. I have big plans regarding him.”

*PyroBolt turns around as The Reaper leaves and quickly notices the car keys are missing. He runs over to the window and notices Minera driving away*

PyroBolt - “SHIT.”

*PyroBolt runs towards the front door, as The Reaper is running towards his car, to attempt to chase down Minera, but when he gets to his car door, she’s already too far gone*

PyroBolt - “Wait!”

The Reaper, turning to PyroBolt - “Where is she going?”

PyroBolt - “I have no clue.”


*Light Storm and Dark Storm sit at a table*

Dark Storm - “Come on… you can’t ignore me forever.”

Violeta - “Yes, he can.”

*Dark Storm turns around to see Violeta approaching them*

Violeta - “Just because you work here now, doesn’t mean we’re going to be friends.”

Light Storm - “Thanks, Violeta, but I can really handle myself.”

Violeta - “Fine. But I have your back if you need it.”

*Vyx and Saint silently motion Violeta over to their desk, and Violeta obliges*

Saint - “I’m sorry, Violeta. I respect you for having your friend's back and being loyal… but… we have to let them handle this on their own. We are giving Dark Storm a chance. And he deserves that.”

Violeta - “I don’t trust him.”

Vyx - “But you trust me?”

Violeta - “The context is different. You saw the abuse of power in X Caliber and flipped-”

Vyx - “But isn’t it possible Dark Storm is doing that, but with Hurricane instead of X Caliber?”

Violeta - “I don’t want to take any chances, especially when Hurricane could have terrible plans in mind.”

Saint - “I respect you for being protective of one of your close friends. You two have been here for a while. But… just give Dark Storm a chance. We all have Light Storm’s back IF Dark Storm DOES prove to be sketchy. Until given a reason otherwise let’s just assume Dark Storm does have good intentions. Okay?”


Violeta - “I’m not going to be making friendship bracelets and taking selfies with him.”

Saint - “Nor would we ask you to.”

Violeta - “Fine. I’ll give him a break.”


*Serpent is on the phone*

Serpent - “Come meet me here. I know where Amber… I mean Hydra, is. Please, I promise. This isn’t a trap. You can finally get your revenge.”


*Wyvern puts down his phone and hangs up, looking out at the night sky, a frown on his face*


*Serpent turns around and walks back into Hydra’s apartment, who is sitting at a table*

Serpent - “I got a call from Blaine.”

*Hydra looks up, shocked*

Serpent - “I think he might be coming after you.”

Hydra - “Let him come. I’m not scared of him.”

Serpent - “I’m sorry, but I don’t think that’s safe. That can’t end well.”

Hydra - “If he wants to come. I won’t run.”

Serpent - “Are you sure?”

Hydra - “I’ve moved on. If he hasn’t, I am not going to cower away.”

Serpent - “Come on… you need to be rational.”

Hydra - “How about this. If he wants to mess with me, I will kill him, just like I killed our mother.”


*Hydra walks away, into the bathroom*

Serpent - “Shit.”


*Light and Dark Storm are playing chess, starting to bond*

Light Storm - “So… where have you been for the past few months?”

Dark Storm - “I did stay with Green Witch for a few weeks.”

*Neuron walks over*

Neuron - “Was she okay?”

Dark Storm - “Well, it was months ago… she was mostly still upset for not being able to avenge Disturbia Killer. We met these twins… and when she started getting closer to them… I left.”

Neuron - “Why?”

Dark Storm - “I don’t tend to do well with people.”

Neuron - “Where were they? Do you remember? If I got out a map would be able to tell me where they were?”

Dark Storm - “I suppose so?”

*Neuron runs to a desk and takes out a map, and runs back to Dark Storm*

Light Storm - “We’re sort of in the middle of a game here?”

Neuron - “Well, I’m trying to find my best friend, so you can wait 5 goddamn seconds.”

*Light Storm shrugs*

Dark Storm draws a circle within an alleyway on the map - “Here.”

Neuron - “Thanks…” *runs to the door as Minera and Thundro rush in, to the shock of everyone*

Violeta - “Who are you?”

*Light Storm and Dark Storm stand up, shocked*

*Every Protector besides Sensor gathers around*

*Vinata is standing carefully behind Vexell*

Minera - “I’m Julia Thompson. This is my son, Mike. We refer to ourselves as Minera and Thundro. You may know my brother. PyroBolt. I just want to talk to you guys. My brother is scaring me and putting my son in danger. I can’t support him anymore. I need to put a stop to this, and I think you people can help me do that.”

*Violeta looks over at Light Storm, as everyone else looks to Vexell*

Vexell - “You have to talk to Sensor about this. She’s our leader.”

Minera - “Of course.”

Europa - “You said your brother is PyroBolt?”

Minera - “Yes.”

Europa - “And he’s still with the X’ers?”

Minera - “The X Team.”

Neuron - “I was right. I was so right. I knew it.”

Minera - “I want to protect my kid.”

Neuron - “You just have to speak to Sensor.”


*Sensor is on the phone*

Sensor - “Hey, I know it’s been a while… but I just need help. I don’t know if what I’m doing is right or what. I hope you’ve been listening to some of these messages..”

*Minera and Thundro walk in*

Sensor - “Please call back.” *hangs up* “Hello?”

Minera - “I’m Minera, this is Thundro. We’d like to join The Protectors.”

Sensor - “... Okay. Sit down.”


*The Protectors sit around, waiting for Minera and Thundro’s interview to be over*

Violeta - “Do you guys trust them?”

Alexa Rose - “No, but do we have a choice?”

Violeta - “We always have a choice.”

Night Woman - “I trust them. She seems like a concerned mother.”

Fuerza Mística - “I think even if she isn’t one hundred percent with us… she just wants what’s best for her son.”

Ji - “It doesn’t matter.”

*Everyone turns their head towards Ji*

Vexell - “Shit, I didn’t even know you were here.”

Ji - “If Sensor says they’re in, they’re in. Let’s not be dramatic. We work here. We don’t have to be friends. They’re our colleagues.”

Marjorey - “I think.. If we have each other’s backs nothing that bad could happen with bringing new people in.”

Europa - “I think we need to find The X Team and handle them, before they come for us.”

Eden - “How can we find them if we don’t know where they are?”

Europa - “We know they’re somewhere in the city. And… some of us worked quite closely with X…”

Tlaloc - “Are you saying you’ll go track him down?”

Alexa Rose - “I don’t feel sure about that.”

Vyx - “Do you still feel distrustful of us?”

Alexa Rose - “I’ve been transparent about how I have my doubts about some of you people.”

Europa - “If you don’t trust us, this won’t work out well for us all.”

Ji - “I think it’s stupid to trust or distrust anyone. We’re government agents. We may act as a team, but we’re very much in an occupational field of lies and deceit. We are not here to make friends, we’re here to protect and serve the city, and sometimes there are people who have different goals in mind. This is a selfish job. We all are selfish sometimes. We can’t trust anyone. We just have to coexist.”

Marjorey - “That was… dark.”

*THE OFFICE DOOR OPENS, and Minera, Thundro and Sensor walk out, into the crowd*

Sensor - “Welcome your newest Protectors. Minera and Thundro.”

*Alexa Rose and Violeta purse their lips, nervously*

Night Woman - “Welcome.” *hugs Minera* “We have your back now.”

*Europa and Vyx approach Minera*

Europa - “Are you willing to help us defeat the X Team?”

Minera - “That's why I’m here.”

Vyx - “You could be the most important part of this plan.”

Sensor - “Violeta, can you take Thundro to class?”

Violeta - “Are you serious? I still have to go to school?”

Sensor - “As long as you’re under my leadership, yes. You need to become your best self.”

*Vexell turns to Vinata*

Vexell - “You too, young lady.”

Vinata - “If Thundro is a Protector, and so is Violeta, and they’re going to school, then I want to be a Protector too.”

Vexell - “Fine. As long as you attend classes 3 times a week you can join the team.”

*Vinata smiles*

Vexell - “Welcome to the team.” *PAUSE* “Now, go to class.”

*Vinata, Violeta and Thundro leave*

Minera - “So… what’s the plan?”


*There's a knock on the door*

*X opens the door, and it’s Hurricane*

Hurricane - “Hello. I’m here because my sons are Protectors. They turned against me. I know The Reaper lives here. He’s an old friend. I have a team. I know The Reaper would never be on a team with The Protectors. Why not be on a team against The Protectors?”

X - “You came to the right place… come in.”

*Hurricane walks in*


*There's a knock on the door, Maximum opens it. Neuron stands in the doorway*

Neuron - “Is Madison Blossom here?”

*The Green Witch stands up, shock apparent on her face*

Neuron - “Hi.”

*Maximum turns to The Green Witch*

The Green Witch - “Come in.”

*Neuron walks inside, with a nervous exhale*


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Things are about to heat up,
!!! I'm really looking forward to seeing how the new characters interact with everyone else on the teams and how sensor handles this new position.
Sent by tkoj555,Sep 22, 2019
Max and Jess slayed (even though they did nothing) and I can't wait to see Max use his power
Sent by turkeylover,Sep 22, 2019
This is legit starting to heat and minera and thundro running to the protectors is lit
Sent by Paralox,Sep 23, 2019
Sent by CrimsonEnnui,Sep 23, 2019
sorry but i'm starting to LOVE the green witch. great episode as always!
Sent by varlto,Sep 23, 2019
I'm really Missing Mrs. Gia but I know once she aligns with her edit she will be running shit
Sent by DevinB,Sep 23, 2019
The Reaper is scary. Neuron greatest mistake was that he stopped the Green Witch from killing him! Im glad Pyrobolt's family escaped and that they are now safe. Im excited for the next war! Also i think we need an update with the character's powers.
Sent by Katherinee_,Sep 23, 2019
Me at myself with no lines trhe goodjob
Sent by Yandereboy12,Sep 24, 2019

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