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Episode 8 of 10 “The Battle Of The Undead”

Kaseyhope101 - Stella Albright “Sensor” : PROTECTOR/HERO.
ShaneDawson12345 - Julian Grantham “X” : X’er/VILLAIN.
Kelly2722 - Alexa Rose : PROTECTOR/HERO.
Jasoi - Maria Czones “Vexell” : PROTECTOR/HERO.
SharonMaItems - Kim Eun-ji “Violeta” : PROTECTOR/HERO.
cinzi_lov - Cindy Ownes “Cinzi” : PROTECTOR/HERO.
macda27 - Mac Daniels “Light Storm” : PROTECTOR/HERO.
#macda27 - Jack Daniels “Dark Storm” : X’er/VILLAIN.
JonMcGillis - Ji : PROTECTOR/HERO.
tkoj555 - Marjorey Candiss “Marjorey” : PROTECTOR/HERO.
Yoko_Homo - “Disturbia Killer” : X’er/VILLAIN.
CrimsonEnnui - Jade : PROTECTOR/HERO.
#CrimsonEnnui - Kitana : PROTECTOR/HERO.
#CrimsonEnnui - Mileena : Neither/VILLAIN.
varlto - Álvaro Sánchez “Fuerza Mística” : PROTECTOR/HERO.
#varlto - Sarah Door “Night Woman” : PROTECTOR/HERO.
#varlto - Ethan Sea “Actus Mortis” : X’er/VILLAIN.
MJFJUNE - Aurora Peyton “Saint” : PROTECTOR/HERO.
#MJFJUNE - Samuel Peyton “Vyx” : X’er/VILLAIN.
#MJFJUNE - Mandla Qobi “Ithemba” : PROTECTOR/HERO.
Flamergamer8 - Dennis Arceneaux “The Reaper”/“King of the Dead” : X’er/VILLAIN.
mrbird - Raul Andle “Tlaloc” : PROTECTOR/HERO.
Katherinee_ - Madison Blossom “The Green Witch” : X’er/VILLAIN.
lemons - Jaime Newton “Neuron” : X’er/VILLAIN.
BluJay112 - Eden Kirkley “Eden” : PROTECTOR/HERO.
aria_grande - Noah Uhua “Europa” : X’er/VILLAIN.
Paralox - Dann Thompson "Pyrobolt" - X’er/VILLAIN.
Yandereboy12 - Cindy Kiss "Poison Kisses" - X’er/VILLAIN.

Percy Spring “The Boss”
Genevieve Taylor “The Trainer”
And “X Caliber”



*The Reaper and Dark Storm are standing in the center of hundreds of dead people. The undead army is entirely just standing, staring blankly ahead of themselves*

Dark Storm - “Can they talk?”

The Reaper - “They used to be able to, but every time I bring someone back from the dead or clone someone… they get less and less advanced.”

Dark Storm - “Every time? How often do you do this?”


*The Reaper, at the time was 6 years old,  is in the backyard playing with his dog, in the pouring rain*

Mrs. Arceneaux - “Dennis!” *walks to the backyard to see him playing with his dog, and her face drops* “OH MY GOD.”

The Reaper turns towards his mom, smiling - “Look, ma! I brought him back!”

*Mrs. Arceneaux starts breathing heavily*


*Mr. And Mrs. Arceneaux are in an office with a Government agent*

Agent - “You’re sure the dog was dead?”

Mrs. Arceneaux - “We were in the park when it happened. We were chasing after it when it got loose from its leash. We saw it. Clear as day. Get run over. That was a week ago. Now… he’s just playing with it again?” *wipes a tear away*

Agent - “We did some testing… I think your son… is different.”

Mrs. Arceneaux - “What do you mean?”

Agent - “The good news is… we think we may know what’s wrong with him, but you simply might not want to hear it.”

Mrs. Arceneaux - “I want to know what’s wrong. I want to hear it.”

Agent - “We’ve seen this before. This isn’t completely unheard of. He has… inhuman abilities.”

Mr. Arceneaux - “That makes no sense. He IS human.”

Agent - “We don’t know a name for it, but… he can do things. Dark things.”

Mr. Arceneaux - “I just want the truth. Spit it out.”

Agent - “We will need to do more tests, but I think he has dark powers. Dark magic. We aren’t entirely sure yet, as we haven’t seen anyone with quite these capabilities. But we are doing tests. We think he could… bring things back.”

Mrs. Arceneaux - “Bring things back?”

Agent - “From the dead. If something dies… we think he can, somehow, bring them back to life.”

Mrs. Arceneaux - “That’s impossible.”

Agent - “Clearly not, you said it yourself. The bad news is…. We will be holding him here for testing for the time being-”

Mrs. Arceneaux - “Keep him. I want nothing to do with him. I don’t want to see him ever again.”


*Mr. And Mrs. Arceneaux leave the room, and walk down a hallway. The hallway has a window into the room in which they are keeping The Reaper. Mrs. Arceneaux looks in and notices The Reaper holding a dead mouse in his hands, when he moves his hands, she notices the mouse coming back to life and she cringes. The Reaper waves at her, smiling, and she quickly breaks eye contact and runs down the hallway*


The Reaper - “Once or twice.”



Fuerza Mística is standing nearby - “They left you here.”

Actus Mortis - “I can tell.”

Fuerza Mística - “You’re Actus Mortis.”

Actus Mortis - “And you’re Fuerza Mística. Yeah, I get it. We know each other.” *rubs his head* “What shot me?” *he looks down and sees the dart still in his gut* “A dart?” *rips it out*

Fuerza Mística - “It was filled with a very specific venom that was meant to stun you temporarily, but not kill or impact you negatively.”

Actus Mortis - “What are you doing here?”

Fuerza Mística - “I was waiting for you to wake up.”

*Actus Mortis rolls his eyes, gets up and runs towards Fuerza Mística, but before he can make any contact with him, Fuerza Mística disappears, and reappears behind Actus Mortis. Actus Mortis then falls on his face*

Fuerza Mística - “I guess you don’t really know me well enough.”

Actus Mortis - “What do you want?”

Fuerza Mística - “Well, your team left you for dead. They clearly don’t care about you. Wouldn’t you want to be on the side of the people that came to save you?”

Actus Mortis - “Oh, that’s what you’re doing? Saving me?”

Fuerza Mística - “Sort of. If you come with us… we will be on your side. You can help us get revenge on the people who left you for dead.”

Actus Mortis - “You’ll just use me as a hostage to make a deal with the X’ers or something.”

Fuerza Mística - “They left you here, so… that wouldn’t… work very well. They’d just let us kill you.”

Actus Mortis - “Can you help me up?”

Fuerza Mística - “You’ll join our fight?”

Actus Mortis - “Of course.”

*Fuerza Mística reaches his hand out, and Actus Mortis grabs it, and starts to stand up, but starts stumbling and falls into Fuerza Mística’s arms*

Fuerza Mística starts to stumble too, noticing himself getting weaker - “What the…”

Actus Mortis, with a smile - “Thanks.” *blinks and disappears*

*Fuerza Mística falls to the ground as Night Woman runs over*

Night Woman - “I told you to be careful.”

Fuerza Mística - “He must’ve absorbed my power.”

Night Woman - “Not entirely. You just need to lay down for a bit. He can’t fully absorb powers unless he has a lot more time than that. He just temporarily used some of them. Let’s get back to the building.”

*Fuerza Mística nods, rushing to his feet, and they start walking back to the building*


*Actus Mortis starts running back to the X’ers Building, as he was only able to teleport half a mile away*


*Vexell is laying on the couch, as Marjorey sits by her*

Vexell - “What are you doing?”

Marjorey - “What hurts?”

*Vexell nods her head at her foot, which has a clearly twisted ankle*

Marjorey - “Set your foot up on the table.”

*Vexell reluctantly obliges, rolling her pants up and showing her nearly backwards ankle, clear bruises and injuries around the ankle*

Marjorey - “Do you have any other injuries?”

Vexell - “Miraculously, not really.”

*Marjorey waves her hand around the injury, and Vexell’s ankle snaps right back into place and the bruises go away slowly, as every cut and bruise on Vexell’s body starts to heal itself as well*

Vexell, sitting up more - “Shit. Wow.”

Marjorey - “Such a dumb power. I can heal anyone BUT myself. Ironic considering so many people say my flaw is being too selfish.”

Vexell - “Who said that?”

Marjorey - “People. So, how did the first battle go?”

*Cinzi and Saint walk over to them*

Cinzi - “It went…. Okay.”

Marjorey, to Cinzi - “You didn’t go big, so I supposed you handled it differently than usual?”

Ithemba walks over to Cinzi - “She handled it… AMAZINGLY, I watched it.” *he kisses Cinzi*

Cinzi - “Not amazingly. They’re going to come back.”

Saint - “We’ll be prepared.”

*Night Woman walks in, with Fuerza Mística limping by her*

Marjorey - “Is he okay?”

Night Woman - “Yes, but he went out to see Actus Mortis, who sucked up some of his power and used it to teleport away.”

Fuerza Mística - “I’m just a little tired, I’ll be fine.”

*Marjorey nods*

Vexell stands up - “I’m so ready to fight them now.”

*Sensor walks in*

Violeta - “No offense, Vexell, but after what happened last time… do we really think you should be going back out here?”

Vexell - “As long as Marjorey stays back here I’ll be fine.”

Marjorey - “I don’t want to be wasting my powers here. People may seriously need the help. I’m not saying you’re not powerful or anything, but you are weaker right now. We need people who are fully up for it to go out.”

Vexell - “Come on.. I didn’t join this war to sit out.”

Sensor - “Where’s Genevieve and Percy?”

*Genevieve and Percy walk into the room with Ji and Alexa Rose standing by their side*

Alexa Rose - “I’m ready to fight.”

Cinzi - “Alexa, you just had a serious incident, I don’t think you should be rushing anything-”

Alexa Rose - “I know my capabilities, Cinzi.”

Sensor - “Okay, how about… everyone who is ready and able… go ambush the X’ers.”

Genevieve - “Sensor, who gave you the right to say what the plan is?”

Ji - “Yeah, new girl. You’re the new girl, not the head girl.”

Sensor - “I say. Me, Ithemba, Marjorey, Vexell and Fuerza Mística stay back here. Everyone else goes on the offense against the X’ers.”

Percy - “Now why would we want to do that?”

Sensor - “Because they’re going to be coming back soon, and if we aren’t getting ready to fight back, we’re going to lose. And we can not lose. The stakes are too high.”

Cinzi - “I think she’s right.”

*Eden and Tlaloc walk into the room*

Sensor - “I just know I’m the least experienced with my powers. Marjorey’s power can help us back here more than they can out there. If anyone needs to get healed, she’ll be here. Ithemba is our tracker. Vexell and Fuerza Mística need time to rest and heal.”

Marjorey - “I really feel like I can help out there.”

Sensor - “Yes, but nobody else can help in here the same way you can.”

*Marjorey nods*

Ithemba - “Cinzi, I really don’t think you should go.”

Cinzi - “Don’t worry about me. I can handle myself. You have your job, I have my job.”

*Ithemba sighs, gets up and kisses Cinzi*

Cinzi - “I like you a lot. And after this I want us to continue our relationship, but right now? I got to go.”

*Ithemba nods*

Percy - “I have to admit. Sensor has made some points. We all should fight back.”

Genevieve - “But, we are still heroes. Let’s not lose ourselves in the process. We can fight back, but don’t attack. Don’t try to kill these people. They are just our opponents. Only kill if necessary.”

Alexa Rose - “Well.. let’s go, then.”

Ji - “I don’t know how I feel about this.”

Alexa Rose - “Either stay or go, I don’t give a shit.” *leaves the building*

*Ji rolls her eyes*

*Cinzi kisses Ithemba again, and runs out the door*

*Ji crosses her arms, as she watches Light Storm, Saint, Tlaloc and Eden leave*

*Night Woman sits by Fuerza Mística*

Fuerza Mística - “Go.”

Night Woman - “I couldn’t leave you.”

Fuerza Mística - “Marjorey’s here. Sensor’s here. Ithemba’s here. I have a lot of company, don’t worry.”

*Night Woman nods and hugs Fuerza Mística*

Night Woman - “I’ll be back.”

Fuerza Mística - “I know.”

*Night Woman smiles, walking out of the building*

*Ji looks around and shrugs, leaving the building*

*Percy and Genevieve exchange a worried glance*


*Europa, PyroBolt and Vyx run inside, quickly running into X Caliber*

X Caliber - “Did you win?”

Europa - “Not exactly.”

X Caliber - “Where’s Actus Mortis?”

*Actus Mortis walks in*

Actus Mortis - “Right here. These bitches left me for dead.”

Europa - “You know that’s not the full story.”

Actus Mortis - “Screw that. It was and you know it.”

Vyx - “We couldn’t save you without getting more of us hurt.”

Actus Mortis - “A PROTECTOR went back to get me-“

PyroBolt - “We just got back-“


*PyroBolt shrugs*

Europa - “Actus Mortis, we are your allies.”

Actus Mortis - “Then why do you have to double cross me?”

Europa - “We didn’t. We just had to protect ourselves. It had nothing to do with you.”

Actus Mortis - “As someone who almost died, I disagree.”

X Caliber - “Actus Mortis, you need to shut up. We have a war at hand, the last thing we need is petty drama.”

Actus Mortis - “Being left for dead doesn’t exactly qualify as petty drama, if you ask me.”

X Caliber - “We didn’t ask you. We are a team. We need to proceed as a team or we will lose.”

*Actus Mortis rolls his eyes, before shaking his head and storming out of the building*

Europa - “I guess he’s not a team player.”


*Kitana, Jade, X and Poison Kisses are running through the trees and leaves, searching for Mileena*


*Mileena is sprinting through the woods, looking behind her shoulder every few moments*


*Neuron is searching through the trees for Mileena, nervously*


*Kitana calls Ithemba*

Kitana - “WHERE IS SHE?”

Ithemba, over the phone - “She’s almost at a roadway. Hurry!”

*Kitana hangs up her phone, and sprints faster*


Kitana - “Then don’t.” *she goes faster and faster, sprinting at full speed towards the road, until she comes to a full stop, stopped by a forcefield, that pauses Kitana, Jade, X and Poison Kisses in their tracks*

*Neuron waves her hands around, keeping all of them in a forcefield like energy*


*Mileena nods and starts running down the road*

*Neuron breaks the forcefield and Kitana, Jade, X and Poison Kisses all turn towards her*

Kitana - “It’s clear you won’t let us get her. So I guess… we have to go through you first.”

Neuron - “Oh, you don’t want to go there.”

Kitana - “You can take all of us one on one, but can you take us-“

*Neuron waves her fingers up above her head, and pushes X, Poison Kisses, Kitana and Jade back, flinging them through the trees, and before they can get back up, Neuron sprints away*

*Jade, Kitana, Poison Kisses and X stand around the trees*

Kitana - “Well, now… we have two targets.”

Jade - “I just want Mileena dead. If we get to her first… Neuron can’t protect her.”

*X and Poison Kisses nod*


*The Reaper and Dark Storm lead the mob of dead people down the sidewalks as cars pass by on the roads*

Dark Storm - “So every clone or resurrection gets weaker and weaker?”

The Reaper - “As long as they still function, they will be of use.”

Dark Storm - “Are your powers getting weaker or-“

The Reaper - “My powers are fine.”

Dark Storm shrugs and looks behind his back - “So they just… follow? They don’t communicate or anything?”

The Reaper - “When X Caliber recruited me, he’d always have me clone people and bring people back. Including Mileena.”


*X Caliber pushes The Reaper into a room with an unconscious Kitana*

X Caliber - “Clone her.”

The Reaper - “This doesn’t feel right.”

X Caliber - “If you clone her. You have a place with us. You’ll fit in. You’ll have a family. You’ll have a place in life. If you don’t… you’ll be trapped in that confined room forever.”

*The Reaper nods and frowns*

The Reaper, Voiceover - “I must’ve oppressed that memory. But it worked. I didn’t only clone someone, but I controlled how they’d come out. New powers. Pure evil. Although, I think that’s when my powers started to deteriorate and get less functional.”


*The Reaper brings his dog back to life, but it only has one eye, and has a limp*

The Reaper, Voiceover - “I tried to practice more and more. At first they’d be able to function and communicate… but then they slowly stopped communicating… they never were just completely normal when they came back, but they at least functioned.”


*The Reaper and Dark Storm are walking down the street, with the army of dead behind them*

The Reaper - “Once they got less and less capable, he had me stop using them. He wanted me to save them for something important. I think this is it.”

*The Reaper and Dark Storm see the Protectors building in the distance*


*Europa storms towards the door*

Vyx - “Where are you going?”

Europa - “Ending this battle.”

PyroBolt - “Come on, Europa. We need a plan.”

Europa - “I have one. Destroy these corny bitches.”


PyroBolt - “I think they had the same idea as you, Europa…”

*Europa stomps over to the window, X Caliber standing by him, and they look out, noticing Light Storm, Saint, Violeta, Ji, Alexa Rose, Tlaloc, Eden and Cinzi standing in the street*

X Caliber - “Nobody fear… the army is approaching the Protectors any minute now.”


*Sensor runs to the window, noticing the undead army approaching their building*

Sensor - “Shit. Vexell, can you walk yet?”

*Vexell gets up, and walks over to the window, noticing the undead army, lead by Dark Storm and The Reaper*


Dark Storm - “Should I go?”

The Reaper - “It’s fine for you to go now. The undead just have to do their job now.”


*Sensor and Vexell run to the door*

Marjorey stops them - “I think I can help.”

Sensor - “You’re more help in here.”

Fuerza Mística rushes to his feet - “I can help.”

Vexell - “If you think you’re ready to get back up and out there, you can come, but I don’t recommend it.”

*Fuerza Mística sighs and nods*

*Ithemba stays seated, as Vexell and Sensor leave*


*Vexell and Sensor exit, and are face to face with the hundreds of undead humans*

Vexell - “Okay…” *runs into the crowd of Undead Humans and quickly gets a jump on them, wrapping her legs around one of their necks and breaking its neck with her thighs, and flipping them over with a backflip, tumbling more down, and she quickly whips out her gun, shooting random ones around her. One by one, they start falling*

*When a dead man grabs Vexell’s shoulder, Sensor holds her hand up, and whips her hand in a throwing motion, and the undead man that grabbed Vexell is thrown through the air, crashing into a car. Sensor quickly runs into the crowd, and pushes her hand in front of her, and the undead people fall back a few steps*

Sensor, as she’s holding some of them off - “How many would you say there are?”

Vexell - “At least 150. At most… hundreds more than that. If I had to guess… it was The Reaper. But, a good thing about this. They’re relatively harmless. This was just… to slow us down.”

*Sensor looks up, at the Protectors building*

Sensor - “Do you think…?”

Vexell - “Good thing would be that most of us went to attack them first. They can’t do too much damage if they did have a plot.”

Sensor - “Hopefully… but… this is a bit of a problem still.”

*The Undead starts cornering them more and more*

Sensor - “Relatively harmless, huh?”

Vexell - “Well…” *gets her knife out and starts stabbing and slashing at the ones around her* “If you stopped talking.”

*Sensor sighs and throws her hands up, causing a lot of the undead people to fly up and fall on their backs*

*The Green Witch and Disturbia Killer run into the streets and notice the extended crowd of undead soldiers*

The Green Witch - “Shit… The Reaper did it. That means the war has started.”

Disturbia Killer shrugs, and quickly dozens of snakes gather around him - “Go… bite as many of the DEAD ONES you can find… not the people being surrounded, though. They are innocent.”

*The snakes go into the crowd of the undead*

The Green Witch - “Why’d you just save them?”

Disturbia Killer - “Because… X Caliber doesn’t deserve a win.”


*The Reaper looks down, noticing the snakes biting and murdering much of his undead army*

The Reaper, to himself - “Now why would Disturbia Killer do that…” *walks back inside the building, blindsided and shocked*


*Dark Storm bursts open the door, and storms in, wind blowing in and out of the room*

Dark Storm - “All of you… messed with the wrong people.”

Marjorey - “That’s funny… it didn’t seem like we were the ones that messed with you… especially considering YOU broke into OUR place.”

Dark Storm - “This will only take a second…” *a tornado slowly starts to form in the middle of the room when Fuerza Mística appears from behind him, and stabs him in the back* “OW.”

Fuerza Mística - “You were right. It took a second.”

*Dark Storm collapses to the ground, grasping at his back, as the tornado disappears*

Fuerza Mística - “We gotta get out of here.”

*Marjorey nods, as they rush out the exit*


*The snakes slither away from dusted and collapsed corpses of all the undead army. Sensor and Vexell look around, making sure they’re all dead or collapsed*

Vexell - “I thought that’d be a bit harder, honestly.”

Sensor - “Those weird snake things helped.. Do you think...?”

Vexell - “I don’t care, we handled the not dead dead people. I need a drink.”

*Fuerza Mística, Marjorey and Ithemba walk out, noticing all the dead bodies*

Fuerza Mística - “Did you actually get all of them?”

Sensor - “With some-”

Vexell - “Yep, all by ourselves. What are you doing here?”

Ithemba - “Dark Storm attacked us and we left him in there, we have to go.”

Sensor - “Where’s Percy and Genevieve?”

Marjorey - “Don’t ask us. Shady leaders went MIA. Let’s go.”

Sensor - “I guess… let’s go help our team at the X’ers building.”


*Neuron rushes through the trees and the leaves, before hitting the road. Quickly a car pulls up to her, almost as though it was tracking her. Starra rolls down the window*

Starra - “Hello, Jaime. I knew you’d be here.”

Neuron slightly backs away - “I’m sorry, uh, it’s Neuron actually, but I don’t know who you are. How do you… know me?”

Starra - “Sorry, Neuron, but… you’ll always be Jaime to me… I know what I named my daughter.”

*Neuron’s jaw drops, dumbfounded*

Starra - “Get in the car, and we can talk all about it.”

Neuron - “My mom is…”

Starr - “Dead? It’s such a cliche, really. I thought X Caliber would’ve done something a bit more original, but… I guess… with death there’s less questions. Now, come in here, please.”

*Neuron inhales and exhales, but nods, entering the car*




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