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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

馃 Squid Game, Gift Game 馃 #ROUND 5

Oct 15, 2021 by Joee323
Hello Players!

Welcome to your fifth game.

This game will be played as a pair. Please choose your teammate and confirm your selections by mailing me, with your teammate included in the email, with the fistbump emoji 馃馃徎

Any pairs undecided by the time the blog expires will be randomly determined and have a disadvantage in the game.

馃 馃 馃  REMAINING PLAYERS 馃 馃 馃
Player 195: Yswimmer96 & Player 199: Hujain (vote to live)
Player 42: Admir & Player 53: Carriexoxo24xo (vote to evict)
Player 194: VanitySmurf & Player 144: Carolinasteele (most loyal)
Player 203: Jaxon & Player 172: Gohandd (vote to save)
Player 70: Becksta20 & Player 31: ILoveLarry (fave TS album)
Player 13: EEstrada17 & Player 29: Robynn (vote to evict)
Player 88: Nichole98 & Player 161: Pinkiepie512
Player 17: Zach3051 & Player 47: Thiii (vote to save)
Player 159: Immaxyman & Player 82: Mathboy9 (vote to evict)
Player 134: FlamingJojo & Player 166: CocoVanderbilt (mk stars poll)
Player 51: RoughNightBro & Player 169: AJLeeBR (fave song)
Player 142: Franzella & Player 145: Tbrown_47 (most likely to snap)
Player 25: Thnksfrthmmrs & Player 59: Purplebb4 (vote to evict)
Player 48: Rakelkan & Player 158: Lynn12


who wants to be paired w me?
Sent by CocoVanderbilt,Oct 15, 2021
Mail me for a partnership :)
Sent by Gohandd,Oct 15, 2021
Yo Rakelkan since you wanna steal my spoon you wanna pair up here?
Sent by yswimmer96,Oct 15, 2021
Message me if you wanna pair
Sent by hujain,Oct 15, 2021
mail me if you need a partner
Sent by zach3051,Oct 15, 2021
Anyone want to pair up?
Sent by Thnksfrthmmrs,Oct 15, 2021
Sent by AJLeeBR,Oct 16, 2021
i pick tbrown_47
Sent by franzella,Oct 16, 2021

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