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  1. More than depressed right now.
  2. PYN for an honest opinion :)
  3. I need health
  4. Never been so poor in ages
  5. Arrowed while on a date
  6. If I'm at 0Ts
  7. Guess the comp
  8. I feel like Tengaged
  9. Remember When...
  10. Yo
  11. Yo Tengaged
  12. No title
  13. When it's your birthday in 6 days
  14. Lions are 1-0
  15. When u get roasted at work
  16. PYN
  17. #OurMoment
  18. #WeTheNorth
  19. #ComeTogether
  20. MRXI Closed [35/35]
  21. Friends are the greatest gift in life
  22. One love, One Goal, One sport, One League: the NHL..
  23. Toronto Maple Leafs 2020 Stanley Cup Champs
  24. Toronto Maple Leafs 2019 Stanley Cup Champs
  25. #NeverStop
  26. Don't Let Dreams Only be Dreams.
  27. #BeLeaf
  28. #DefendTheDen
  29. ♛Happy 19th Birthday Jamie!♛
  30. ♛First ever Hunger Games win♛
  31. ♚I love Anna♚
  32. ♛#OnePride♛


8thDec 6, 2015 by JasonXtreme
For me it was: Life is beautiful or American sniper sad sad movies


My Sister's Keeper :(
Sent by skyler1822,Dec 6, 2015
Sent by Blahblahblahblah,Dec 6, 2015
i cried like a baby watching american sniper
Sent by Xbac5,Dec 6, 2015
Fault In Our Stars
Sent by ohheydudeski,Dec 6, 2015
I love sad movies :)
Here's a list that has made me cry. I'll probs forget a ton.

John Q, Million Dollar Baby, Bridge to Terabithia, The Little Princess, The Green Mile,  The Notebook, My Dog Skip, and Marley and Me
Sent by NotAfraid,Dec 7, 2015
Bridge to Terabithia
Sent by Illdi,Dec 7, 2015
boy in the striped pyjamas
Sent by JamieAndre,Dec 7, 2015
lion king
Sent by Patootie,Dec 7, 2015
boy in the striped pyjamas
Sent by JamieAndre,Dec 7, 2015
Sent by Shonaynay,Dec 7, 2015
like crazy's ending upset me LOL... american sniper is more sad tho tbh
Sent by Iceyblue52,Dec 7, 2015
American sniper lmao k
Sent by Mitsuki,Dec 7, 2015

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