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  1. I'm sad that
  2. List of people I want to get aids.
  3. charity ruiners
  4. I hope that
  6. What should I do with this acc
  7. I am the queen
  8. bye cunts
  9. first person to comment gets my account
  10. I wish people would realise the bullying I go..
  11. randomize is a piece of shit
  12. join my charity :)
  13. you know what im done for real this time
  14. people on here who are liked who dont deserve too..
  15. stars f3 is shit
  16. find me racism
  17. racism on tengaged
  18. all these parody accounts
  19. pyn and I will give my opinion on you
  20. join my charity <3
  21. toughest person on tengaged
  22. Account under new management
  23. anyone who wants this account

bye cunts

Aug 29, 2017 by GoodVibezGirl

enjoy being bullied



We hate you because of your attitude and play the victim
Sent by scooby0000,Aug 29, 2017
Sent by Temeky,Aug 29, 2017
Sent by WhateverTheF,Aug 29, 2017
Sent by TaraG,Aug 29, 2017
spartagow make sure to not use her account at all, we don't need another goodvibezgirl
Sent by mcd573,Aug 29, 2017
Goodbye let the door hit you on the way out
Sent by king_lance,Aug 29, 2017
About fucking time. Joined in June, quit in late August. Took long enough
Sent by Coolbrandonman,Aug 29, 2017

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