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I wish people would realise the bullying I go thourgh

15thAug 26, 2017 by GoodVibezGirl
mainly irl but sometimes on here too :( I get sometimes I sat bad thinngs but its cause I get mad



maybe people bully you because they get mad
Sent by Simplyobsessed,Aug 26, 2017
And yet in your current frooks you called someone a fatty.That is verbal bullying you know so stop being a hypocrite
Sent by purplebb4,Aug 26, 2017
Too little too late. You have said a lot of unacceptable stuff.
Sent by dutchone29,Aug 26, 2017
So do I but do you see me verbally bullying others? You call people cu##s for nominating you
Sent by Maxchaos,Aug 26, 2017
Remember when u spammed my messages calling me a loser but ur getting bullied lmao bitch bye
Sent by king_lance,Aug 26, 2017
I don't believe it for a second. Anyone who gets bullied irl would never want to subject others to the same treatment. You are nothing more than a useless troll. How many times will you throw out homophobic comments? Tell people to die of cancer? Threaten to stab them? Call them names? You just get off on the attention of people being shocked by the comments. Heck, you are probably getting off on the attention of the responses in this blog, including my stupid ass for even humoring you with a reply.
Sent by WhateverTheF,Aug 26, 2017
Maybe if you treated people with respect you would get some back.
Sent by M_Davis1998,Aug 26, 2017
i hope you will never be bullied to be honest, no one deserves it hun
to me the words you say dont come across me cause im a tough person but some ppl it can really influence them and it can make them feel bad, so we need to stop the bullying and cursing them won't help anyone gurl :)
Sent by Question,Aug 27, 2017
guys come on GoodVibezGirl is trying
Sent by JennaValentina,Aug 28, 2017
we should give her another chance
Sent by JennaValentina,Aug 28, 2017
You're a fucking despicable human being. You falsely accuse people of racism, make incredibly bigoted homophobic comments, and just act totally heartless towards people, yet you're the real victim here. I don't believe your fucking lies for a second and everyone who does is as delusional as you are.
Sent by smittynoah16,Aug 28, 2017
JennaValentina all the accounts she has made, counts a "chances" and what has she done with them so far?
Sent by Coolbrandonman,Aug 28, 2017
Your an instigator stop playing the victim card its getting old.
Sent by kansasmoon,Aug 28, 2017

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