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randomize is a piece of shit

16thAug 26, 2017 by GoodVibezGirl
everyone kisses his ass but he is the worst site owner ever wtf has he done apart from add a couple of shitty comps so much on here too fix and he has done fuck all if you like coding code yourself a personality fat sack of shit do something about the racism on this site or I will find a way too report you




That's interesting, reporting the webmaster.
Sent by zhen,Aug 26, 2017
Going against staff you crave a ban hammer you must like pain, you still havent shown a pic to prove your black ether
Sent by meowingman,Aug 26, 2017
meowingman shut the fuck up and go back too bed where u belong
Sent by GoodVibezGirl,Aug 26, 2017
Just show ur pic, n hea all autisics belong in bed? Get real.
Sent by meowingman,Aug 26, 2017
Lol how surprising this is coming from you
Sent by dutchone29,Aug 26, 2017
And raciest is over, they all hate transgendered men and mentaly ill poeple now cuz why? Its easyer to get away with you can rent a room to a autisic n make him do all the chores in the home n still make him pay you every month great way to make money my roomies do it to me
Sent by meowingman,Aug 26, 2017

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