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Second Chances Immunity 35

Apr 10, 2017 by Giraffez
I'm Sorry Jane the tribe has spoken *snuffs torch* Vote someone for immunity

Julia Child (Chef/ Card Survivor)
Emma Swan (Once Upon A Time/ T.V Survivor)
Sweetums (Muppets V.S Loony Toons Survivor)
Captain Kathrine Janeway (Star Trek Voyager/ Star Survivor)
Abby (NCIS/ T.V Survivor)
Simba (princess Survivor)
Grandma Willow (Princess Survivor)

52nd: Mama
51st: Elvira
50th: Josie
49th: Jinger
48th: Bunny Bravo
47th: Tia Mowery
46th: Laverne
45th: Farrah
44th: Michelle
43rd: Stacy
42nd: Romeo
41st: Gran Jam
40th: Doris "Mamaw" Mason
39th: Sharon Needlez
38th: Damian
37th: Jana
36th: Romeo
35th: Destiney
34th: June Balloon
33rd: Teenie T.V.
32nd: Thelma
31st: R2-D2
30th: C3PO
29th: Peta Murgatroyd
28th: Sadie Robertson
27th: Kermit The Frog
26th: Gossamer
25th: Dog
24th: Cat
23rd: Granny
22nd: Tiana
21st: RJ Aguiar
20th: Prommy
19th: Tamera Mowery
18th: Stacy Layne Mathews
17th:  Deanna Troi
16th: Truffles
15th: Queen Narissa
14th: Jasper
13th: Laila Ali
12th: Mia
11th: Victoria "Pork chop" Parker
10th: Bunny
  9th: Jonathon Royse
  8th: Jane Rizzoli


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