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1stOct 17, 2020 by FromAWindow

Hi Tengaged!!!!! I honestly can’t believe that I made finals in only my 2nd stars after only being nominated ONCE (special thanks to algo for nomming my ass) and going unnommed since the final 11! I have made amazing friendships in this game and the bonds I have made with people I want everyone to know are genuine and I have truly LOVED playing with every single person who was in this cast, y’all made this week awesome! ❤️

I knew that as soon as I joined this stars I would have to play a really good strategic game to get there because blogs/flavoring just isn’t a strategy that suits my status on Tengaged. So, in the beginning of the game I was part of the formation of a 7 person alliance (called the Straights Alliance...🙄) that somehow stuck because every person in the alliance (and not a premade LOL) was someone who I felt was trustworthy, and the others felt the same way. Near the middle of the game, after my alliance steamrolled through the first five votes, we started to turn on each other and this is where I really let my individual social bonds I had with people both in and out of the alliance, as well as my ability to survive at least one poll, carry me through to the final 9.

At the final 9 I saw the game split by a few different groups with Luigi, BBDamian, and Rozlyn being one alliance, myself, Cord, and Machu being our own unofficial alliance, and Heaven, NanoNerd, and Crazybones being the last unofficial group, with lots of connections interspersed between the groups. So at the final 9 I decided that I could make my own group and go through the rest of the game unnommed, with myself being able to make moves and call shots, create shields for myself in my new alliance, and take people out one step ahead. So, Heaven and NanoNerd left, I painted a huge target on the trio of Roz, Damian, and Luigi, and made an endgame possible where, by creating the sets, I would never be nommed again, as I was protecting the unnominated people from the popularity threats until I knew it was the perfect moment to make my moves on the unnommed players, instead. All in all, the plan I created at final 9 worked to perfection and it is the reason I’m sitting in the end! :)

I hope y’all consider voting me to win because:

- I tied for the most successful noms at 21/26 (and always knew where the votes were going and came from)
- I was the LAST name thrown out to be considered in a set out of the entire cast (at the final 11)
- I was in the most alliances throughout the game and they didn’t end up coming back to haunt me
- I was in the best social standing throughout the whole game
- I spearheaded, by myself, the split to save Roz at the final 8, knowing Roz would catch himself in his multiple alliances by needing to save me in the next round, which forced everyone else to align with me for the rest of the game
- The sets that I, personally, created were the ones that had the most success for my game Ex: Damian/Joao, Damian/Nano, the endgame
- I was countered for 7th, 6th, 5th, and 4th and my allies came through to protect me every single time because of the work I put into this game
- Multiple of my competitors told me after they were evicted that it was clear I was playing the best game, and I hope y’all can agree :)))

Overall, I have worked so so incredibly hard this week to ensure my spot in the finals and I hope you guys consider voting for me in the final poll for my first win in only my second stars!!! Gl Jon and Alfie, may the best competitor win ❤️

Also, love that the two survivors of the “Straights Alliance” were the two gay people 😂


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I’m scared
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grats man
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ily <333
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can i ask if you have rosacea? love the rosy cheeks!
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I love how I can see a window in your vlog
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Cameron69 I have never heard of that skin condition but after looking it up I think I’d have been diagnosed if I had it? Idk I guess. I’ve just always had incredibly rosy cheeks ❤️
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Yasssss parking in a secluded spot to film the vlog lol
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Twinkle Twinkle little Stars
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I love how I can see a window in your vlog
Sent by connorthomson,Oct 17, 2020

+ yaaaay congrats Braden <3 Gl :)
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Congrats king
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Grats on making it to the end man.
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I love you and I love your video, I can see your personality shining through the whole thing and it made me smile. You played a fantastic game, and I can't wait for you to hopefully hold my hand in the fall of fame <3
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Voted for you king ❤️❤️❤️
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Grats and good luck!
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king shit, congrats!
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voted for you. You BETTER take this home sir
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Omg I love you
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