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6thDec 23, 2020 by Eilish
they can go ahead and be rich but people should just stop buying ts and designs from Matte Ponga Malamente IGolder and really any other Brazilian besides Fares (who never did that fake charity bullshit)

Let me tag some people who buy designs! You should buy from Me Minie Ashleybabyx3 Chic or any of the SPANISH people like Modesto Sandym89 pancakes Evitaa they are good as well!

I forget who else buys.

All they will have is ts but they will not be making money from anything xo


If I were stupid enough to buy Tengaged designs with real life money, I would happily buy from Eilish and Ashleybabyx3. #OfficialEndorsement
Sent by _Aria,Dec 23, 2020
what lol
Sent by iGolder,Dec 23, 2020
wtf? does not make sense. you also buy from us.
Sent by ponga,Dec 23, 2020
im kinda done with shops cuz im bored but yea tea. people acting like they actually contribute to the society with these so called charities when 90% of the bets are their own multis and they wait until last hour to bet.. how are they even calling them charities.. idgi
Sent by Minie,Dec 24, 2020
wtf? does not make sense. you also buy from us.
Sent by ponga,Dec 23, 2020

Sent by FighterMan,Dec 24, 2020
_Aria <3 mom
Sent by Ashleybabyx3,Dec 24, 2020
That’s not even funny! It makes perfect sense fighterman
Bryan is obviously saying he will not buy in the future from people who is taking all the money away from him by trolling charities or w.e
And I’m pretty sure there’s no “us” Bryan mender bought jack shit from ponga. She just likes to shove herself in everything to seem relevant
Sent by Minie,Dec 24, 2020
Sent by Minie,Dec 24, 2020
só vi verduras
Sent by Criisan,Dec 24, 2020
sorry minie? your friend who quoted me lmao, i don't really sell, just to a few people. So, it's really not something that affects me, I told him yesterday ^^
Sent by ponga,Dec 24, 2020
I laugh and I smile and that’s ok. minie
Sent by FighterMan,Dec 24, 2020
Sent by modesto,Dec 24, 2020
yea my friend didn't claim he is buying from you. my friend claimed your are an evil witch who tricks people with your friends and take away there innocent money.
Sent by Minie,Dec 24, 2020
I'm not the one who controls the charities, but that's okay, you love to jump to conclusions because you don't think. So I don't demand much of your ability;)
Sent by ponga,Dec 24, 2020
ponga, minie never said that you controlled charities and im sure she knows who does. but we all know you help with the bets and that you are a part of this trolling charity cult. The point is you acted like I was buying from you and she corrected you which is true cause I never buy or bought anything from you. I just stated that you sell. And minie can think very much and you don't even know her so stop talking like you do.
Sent by Eilish,Dec 24, 2020
eilish you're just disgusted that you bet on second place. This whole drama is unnecessary. And I'm saying, you never bought anything from me. When I say us, it is because I identify myself as Brazilian ^^ duh
Sent by ponga,Dec 24, 2020

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