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Jun 23, 2015 by DrIcicle
At a first glance, AmandaP seemed like a genuine, silly, very opinionated, NEW player. But it's come to my attention that AmandaP is not in fact NEW to tengaged!

I realize Amanda blogs to join a current frookies.
-She says its to speed it up. I look in the frookies, and I see Golddwoman .
- GolddWoman looks oddly similar to Amanda, actually IDENTICAL, but with different colors.
- I am almost certain that GolddWoman and Amanda are the same person, so I mail GolddWoman.
- I said that I checked their IP's and they're the same person! ( I didn't really check their IP's. )
- Golddwoman responds with "hey! not its my too busy watching my GOT!"
- If they're sisters - OK. But they joined a fastings together! Which is bannable.

Johneh T_ModTEMP Mail proof!

tl;dr amandap is golddwoman and they claim to be siblings. but they joined a game together which is bannable so bye


=[ RIP
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Golddwoman who?
Sent by HUmanMustard,Jun 23, 2015
Life fuck you
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Inb4 top blog
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Sent by DrIcicle,Jun 23, 2015
I always look to see how they placed in their first games on this site. If they do good in the very first ones? That makes me think they are a multi.
Sent by Diva1,Jun 23, 2015

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