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I just talked to Adam from BB

Jun 22, 2015 by DrIcicle
and this is how our convo went:

me: Hey
Adam: Hey bud
me: can you do my a favor please :)
Adam: Maybe
me: Could you make me a sign for a site called Tengaged? You basically write "save Dricicle" on a piece of paper and take a pic of you holding it
Adam: nope! your on your own
me: LOL why?
Adam: Why would I help you? I'm not in the game
me: awh ok lmao
Adam: Sorry!
me: You should make an account though!
Adam: I have - too much of a hassle.
me: what was your account!?
Adam: Kingfloater
me: GO ON
Adam: Nah - I played the real thing, no need for online, talk to ya later bud


Sent by TDBigBrotherLover112,Jun 22, 2015
yeah but that season was so long ago longer than 761 days
Sent by SurvivoroftheTocans,Jun 22, 2015
your point? I know him I used to live by him
Sent by DrIcicle,Jun 22, 2015

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