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Dec 4, 2009 by Chris99x
imageAnd I will post my thoughts of you.

(lol I actually did do it)

brianna - you and me are cool yo. remember that time we was hangin at yo mamas? She was so crazy xD She flew into the room when she thought we were blazed and I was like, WE AIN'T DOIN NOTHIN and she was like BITCH GET OUT MY HOUSE. Lol good times.

joey - I love your smile. LOL that song is by Shanice. It reminds me of you, and every time I see you post it just pops into my mind.

Samster - Lol I don't know why but I've always thought you were really pretty. Like I'd tell my friends how pretty you were and they'd say "somebody's got a crush" and I'd blush, but really I never noticed you in that way until today.

crazy - I remember the first time I'd seen you post that Ziva pic I thought it was you. And like, in my head, I'd create a fantasy about me and you on some special task force, combating evil and all that. But I guess somewhere in my mind I knew that the chick was from a TV show, and it didn't occur to me until our first game together when I was all "who's that" and you were like "Ziva from NCIS." And Idk, I guess I always preferred the other chick on the show, the one in the crime lab. She wore zaney outfits and such and I always had mad respect for that kind of person, someone who isn't afraid of being different. And I guess nowadays the feelings are mutual. I'm so glad you liked the scarecrow btw, I saw it and I KNEW you had to have it.

Farkle - I remember back when we were kids...we'd get into some huge arguments. Especially whenever you watched Rugrats. I remember because you were never a fan of old movies, and I always had to watch them. You would repeat Angelica's lines "I'm ready for my close up, Mr. Deville" and I'd correct you saying it's "DEMILLE" and we'd fight over it for hours. But I guess I've always cherished our friendship. Bickering is a sign of true friendship, at least IMO.

Random - You've always been in my life. And I've always taken you for granted, until just recently when Grandma Betty passed, you were the only one who knew of my special relationship with her and you were the only one who really seemed to care. Thank you for always being there.
Colby - Oh Colby. Our relationship has always been turbulent. I mean one second we'd be on top of the world together and the next you were deleting me from your friends. At one point I really thought you were Satan. But eventually I discovered the error of my ways. You have a heart so deep that sometimes it comes off as cold but at the end of the day, you're always there. You've always been there. Sorry about your brother passing though, he was a Grade A spirit.

Bankruller - A HO FO SHO.

Bio - Look look look...I'm not trying to start any arguments. I'm opinionated, I know that, but I don't say things JUST to piss people off or cause controversy. I genuinely feel a certain way and I will announce it when the time is right. I just think sometimes you take life for granted. Like you don't really see how much you're appreciated, and you don't fully appreciate those around you. One of these days something is gonna happen to change that...and I pray to Padma that you survive.

Leblanct - At first I was like "you suck" and then I was like "okay I like you." So I guess we're friends? I don't know. I mean I'll let you into the treehouse but not into the club if you catch my drift. Nothing sexual. I just mean you've got a long way to go before you get the cookie.

Valorstreak - At first I think I was a little scared of you. You always intimidated. I mean my opinions of people are usually very strong at first even without knowing them, but I'm truly happy that I was able to get past that fear and you helped me every step of the day. Now I think of your deep powerful voice as sexy rather than scary. I count you as a blessing in my life.

BengalBoy - I remember back in the day you seemed to not take anything seriously. Everything I did you seemed to throw back in my face with some kind of snarky comment or "joke" as you called it. But despite your decidedly humorous attempts, your words were always laced with honesty. I knew the things you were saying were things you TRULY felt, and I guess that's why I had a hard time enjoying your company. In part I was jealous, yes, but at the same time I was just embarassed because I KNEW what you were saying was true. I guess that's what really defines our friendship, though, because now that I'm on the other side of the fence I understand what you were trying to do. You were trying to build me into a "bigger person" and that means so much more to me than you know. Thank you. I cherish you.

Drench - I mean it's not that I don't like you, because I do. But I've always felt this rift between us. I've always felt that we were competing even in everyday social situations. I mean maybe you didn't feel it, but it was there. I've come to appreciate your competitive nature but rest assured, I've gotten over the awkwardness and I'm glad our relationship can finally grow naturally.

Ryry - Before we played survivor together I never really took notice of you. I mean I guess I'd seen you around, plussed your blogs from time to time and maybe joked around with you, but I never gave you a chance until just recently. And, I gotta say, I'm glad I've finally made that leap. You are a JOY of a person. Your spirit brings a smile to my face in ways that joey96 never could (even in his nudest moments). You're just a splendid person and I thank you for keeping me company during the "dark" times (to everyone else: an inside joke...haha, I'm glad we have one ryry).

Skiitles - I love you. And not just your body, either. I mean when you first told me that you felt that about felt that I only wanted you for physical reasons...I was taken aback. Because I'd never realized how much I had taken you for granted. I didn't give you the proper attention you deserved, and I am so so sorry for that. You are a flower that deserves to be watered daily, not a weed that should get wacked from time to time. I thank you for being in my life.

Vicious - You're probably not aware of this, but I've always thought you had the cutest laugh. Whenever we'd stand outside together with the others I'd do my best to make a joke just so I could hear it. I mean don't be embarassed, there are other parts about you I've found cute as well. But that laugh is to DIE for.

Patrick - I remember back when you hated me. It's funny how things have changed since then. You never really expect things to turn the way they often do. I know I was a bit of a bully at the time, and back then you did have a bit of an overbite. But despite my mean ways, I always respected you. You took every bullet. You stood through the storms and I love seeing that fire in people. Now whenever I need a buddy to shoot pool with or just chat about whatever's going on in my life I know I can give you a call. Thank you patrick.

Braga - You're beautiful, both inside and out. And I don't just say that about anyone. You really are a beauty. Heh, look at me, complimenting you physically like that. I don't want to make you feel strange. But I must admit, many nights I'd just lay awake in bed wondering what it would be like if we were together. I think we'd get a lot of weird looks just because we're from two totally different worlds, but true love knows no boundaries. I know what's meant to be will be. I love you Braga.

Fizzer - Really is that your name? Um since when? Wow I guess you never really know a person. Bitch I'mma cut you! Naw jk jk. I'm not really as gangsta as I seem. I think that's why I've always liked you though. You're different from everyone. A bit gullible, but always very reliable. I remember that time when we first met, I convinced you that I was that guy from that TV were so happy! You'd never met a celebrity before and I had you fooled. I felt SO bad about that day too. I didn't tell you the truth for the longest time. Eventually you figured it out, and to my surprise you didn't sock me haha. And now we're as good of friends as ever. Just know that although I may mess with ya from time to time, I really do love you and always will.

Genevere - I admit, back in the day I used to hide my true feelings from you, especially since I knew how Irvin felt (I didn't want to step on his toes of course). But with him out the picture, I can now be more open about my feelings Ginny. You are a goddess. I mean I know we're all imperfect, but you have that special something that I think others have been lacking (no I'm not talking about your vagina). You have the ability to really and truly LOVE and CARE. Thank you for that Ginny. The world needs more of you. Imagine 30 of you.

Smartguy - I hope you know I hope you know that this has nothing to do with you. LOL do you remember that day? When we were on the ferris wheel and it got stuck...but not only did it get stuck, but that song stuck as well! On THAT part. Ugh. I've hated that song forever, but I laugh when I hear it now because it'll always make me think of that day. And I guess it's just as well that we've been "stuck" together ever since too ;)

AlexDeGale - Now I've always been a fan, don't get me wrong. But back in the day, I truly felt in my heart of hearts that we were meant to be together. I'm a person who is used to getting what he wants and so it was a little frustrating to me when I couldn't get you. But now that I have you, it's sorta comical. All those months of longing. I mean I still don't know if you've ever quite understood the full extent of my feelings toward you. You were IN MY SIGHTS. Wherever you went, I went. Every time you'd post, I'd be right there screencapping the blog to add it to my collection. Every time you'd eat a bagel, I'd be right there to collect whatever amounts of cream cheese touched your knife. Haha. I hope it doesn't freak you out. But now, I can feed you all the cream cheese I want without having to get out a zip lock bag. Thank you for being my soldier Marty.

TheGreatXL - Man Candy. I mean it's like a household term now because of you. I think this site owes you a lot...but you know I've always been grateful to you. For your friendship more than anything. Man Candy? You ARE Man Candy. People need to look beyond the physical beauties that you throw around and look at the REAL XL. The timid XL who is afraid of animals at the zoo. The picky XL that won't eat pink cotton candy (and made me buy blue hehe...but it was worth it to see you smile). You're a reliable guy and although we've grown distant lately, I know you'll always be there.


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