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Nov 21, 2009 by Chris99x
imageAnd I will tell you what infectious disease you are.

BRAGA - You are rabies, a brain disease that is transmitted by animals. You are highly fatal so be proud <3.

FIONA - You are metatarsus varus, a disease which causes the toes to point inward when walking. You are common in children, and that's always a plus! <3

RANDOMKID - You are anodontia, a condition in which a person is born without any primary teeth. That's pretty darn creepy, yay! <3

DAVID - You are vasculitis, which destroys blood vessels (mainly the arteries and veins). That sounds dangerous. Congrats! <3

WHIP - You are writer's cramp. Sounds lame, but you affect MANY people and annoy the hell out of everyone. It's these little things in life that we should appreciate :') <3

X - You are narcolepsy. You cause extreme fatigue and you can put someone to sleep at completely inappropriate times. You can be extremely dangerous at times and that makes you a welcome addition to the family! <3

Sent by wall0999,Nov 21, 2009
+4 Lol i dont wanna be an infectious disease. whatever.
braga ^^
Sent by Braga,Nov 21, 2009
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'X' :)
Sent by imxrated93,Nov 21, 2009
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