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Chris' Happy Place

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I WAS HACKED! Apr 18, 2019
Someone hacked me, and made this blog, so I had to come back to rectify. Thank you hacker for not deleting my account, but shame on you for resurrecting me after a 3 year nap.
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Sex with a poltergeist Mar 4, 2016
imageIt's very difficult to accomplish for the following reasons:
1. I can't find one

Will I ever find love?
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My 1st Game - 7 Years Later! Feb 13, 2016
image10th - robertcheeseball
        One of Robert's multis! Banned.

9th - JenJohnson
        One of Robert's multis! Banned.

8th - Camille
        One of Robert's multis! Banned.

7th - Veiva
        Stopped playing, DURING the game.

6th - AnnaMarie
        One of Robert's multis! (my fav lol) Banned.

5th - Dalle

4th - Matty99
        Just a bag of bones.

3rd - Alex1991
        Just a bag of bones. (a successful one tho)

2nd - Cindo
        Just a bag of bones.

1st - Chris99x
        He's alive and kicking.


So #nostalgic, such #suave, perhaps #handsome
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Is this real life Feb 7, 2016
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The Unsolved Tengaged Mystery of AbioticPear Feb 6, 2016
imageThis cryptic individual added me on xbox live like 7 years ago saying they're from Teengagged and their mysterious actions led me to believe it could be sharkskin. Sadly I never solved the mystery, even with the help of a private dick richpaca who knows the secret gender of everyone and used linguistic analysis to figure out several of my multis but couldn't identify abiotic pear (or like 19 of my other multis)

Please help me solve this mystery before it's too late. I'm not sure if it's A or red coat or black widow or Mrs Hastings or the Jenna thing or abiotic pear, but SOMEONE is out to get us!

An excerpt from the diary of abiotic pear:

"My neighbor and her boyfriend were listening to country music so I literally mailed him a package with a dead armadillo in it."
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Aaryn's dad's ranch Jul 18, 2013

I emailed him just to make sure minorities aren't allowed.
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