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Dreamz Appreciation

Jul 14, 2013 by Chris99x
imageDreams Appreciation

Yau-man: we had a deal
Dreamz: lolno

Dishonorable mention: a lot of bitter ppls in the fiji cast

Timster Sebbers mahogany andychuck08 Seal


Omg tag me
Sent by prince_Eric,Jul 14, 2013
prince_Eric KK
Sent by Chris99x,Jul 14, 2013
People that hate on Dreamz are stupid. Why give up immunity to just be voted out? It's not greedy to take the car and go to the finals. His goal was to win the game. Yeah he could've rejected the deal, but Yau should've never made it in the first place.

Dreamz gets way too much hate and I hate how people compare him to Colton saying he's worse than Colton. Sit yo ass down.
Sent by Timster,Jul 14, 2013
Sent by andychuck08,Jul 14, 2013
Fiji > Cook Islands.

Dreamz is super underrated though and the best parts of that season came from him
Sent by zimdelinvasor,Jul 14, 2013
EXACTLY. He's one of my all time favorites still, just because he was entertaining. And maybe he didn't win a million, but he wouldn't have have won the million whether he screwed over Yao or not. He ended up with a car and 100k, that's pretty damn good. Chris99x
Sent by Seal,Jul 14, 2013

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