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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


20thJun 8, 2014 by Brookie0126


Sent by Dhucking_Quacks,Jun 8, 2014
lol i came back on because 1. I was bored and its summer 2. I came back on to make fun of most ppl.

BTW You dont have to get so upset because i trashed ur avi i mean get over it :p its just a game hun
Sent by DaniD,Jun 8, 2014
Brooks chillé
Sent by JudiCamille,Jun 8, 2014
Sent by Brittanyy,Jun 8, 2014
DaniD I didn't even watch the part about trashing my avi because quite frankly I could care less what a 13 year old girl thinks. :) What pisses me off is you think you're a damn queen and you're above everyone else. No darling. You're just like the rest of us; human! Nothing makes you better. Not your fake pageant girl smile or your southern accent.
Sent by Brookie0126,Jun 8, 2014
Its immortality my darlings.. (; Brookie0126
Sent by DaniD,Jun 8, 2014
No, it's called spoiled, materialistic bitchiness LMAO DaniD
Sent by Brookie0126,Jun 8, 2014
god u are buzzkill
Sent by DaniD,Jun 8, 2014
DaniD was trolling in that video, as she does in all her other videos. I mean I can get over it. Everyone knows I'm not 50 lmao.

Don't get me wrong, DaniD can be extremely rude.. But you know what's even worse? Babiicakes literally harassing the fuck out of everyone in frookies. I watched the game and it was horrible. Basically 80+ pages of cyber bullying.
Sent by DaveLooney,Jun 8, 2014

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