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Bored, so pyn

4thJan 14, 2018 by Brookie0126
for an opinion. If I don't know you (which is most of you) I'll try to find something from your profile.

I'll try to keep up with :p

Edit: Anymore updates will happen this evening after work. Have a great day, Tengaged!

#Delete2544 I remember you from back in the day before I took my hiatus. We never got to know each other well, but you were such a sweetheart :) I hope you've been well!< 3
#scooby0000 I don't know you, but I snooped on your profile a bit, and you started the site the week that I had my son xD You seem super cool from your blogs that I have seen! Also, I agree that bullying is wrong. Everyone please, stand together and put an end to bullying! xx
#Wade03 I barely know you, but I really like you! =] You called me an icon on a random blog of mine the other day, so you have extra brownie points in my book! Feel free to message me anytime!
#Question I don't know you, but you said your name was Seth, so hey Seth nice to meet ya! :) Ps, I fucking love your avatar! < 3 Is that Jessica's eviction dress? I'm so jealous :( Feel free to message me if you ever want to chat!
#Brxan I don't know you super well, but I have a big opinion of you so far! lol, I have seen a lot of people talking shit about you since I've came back, but I usually don't listen to haters. Fuck em lol, but you have been such a doll to me! So kind with your comments and I just adore you lol! Feel free to message me anytime! xo
#Sloth_Roman I haven't had any encounters with you on the site yet, but I have to say, yes I was thinking that you are better than mein every way. Like your avatar is beautiful and I'm just so jelly. :p
#CalebDaBoss heyyyy, I don't know you, but I snooped a little and a) your avatar is hella great, definite 10/10 and b) I got advice for you mr 14 year old, please don't let this site steal away your childhood. I was 15 when I joined and I spent too much time on here and not enough time living my teenage years.
#Arris AREKKKKK!! We were so close during my pregnancy and unfortunately during my hiatus we grew apart =[ I still fucking adore you, and I hope to get to catch up sometime! < 3
#jojo7784 My little Joey < 3 I remember being in Toxic with you and just bonding. You're sassy, you're lovely and you're just a bundled of love. Your avatar is gorgeous and I hope to get to really catch up sometime xoxo
#Cornelia JAKEYYYY! You are hands down one of my all time favorite people from this site. You are such a beautiful person inside and out. I know whenever I need someone to chat with I can message you and discuss anything under the sun. Your guy best know how lucky he is to have you because I may become a man just to steal you away xD < 3
#dwipeouts We were in a casting the other day. I'm pretty sure you're the one who kept negging me because you randomly negged and commented on my top blog the other day? lol, like sorry if it offended you in any way, but you negging my blog isn't going to change anything? Feel free to message me if you ever want to discuss any issues you may have with me. xx
#malachite05 hey :) I don't think we know each other besides me probably spamming you back in the day & just occasional passbys on the site. From snooping on your profile a bit you seem like a real nice lad, feel free to message me anytime you want to chat :)
KatherinePierce I don't know you, but I see your blogs all of the time, and you seem really cool :) By the way, your avi is gorgeous! Work it! < 3 Feel free to message me sometime :)
GoodKaren We did an add for add the other day, so we are friends on here, but I don't know you very well. You seem really cool though from what I see around the site! Plus I love your avi. It has it's own unique look which is definitely awesome < 3 feel free to message me :)
Path I'm not too familiar with you. You seem nice enough from your profile :) Also, you have a great avi and you've gotten through the color levels pretty quickly so kudos to you! Message me if you ever want to chat!
vansreborn I remember you well from your previous account xD You told it how it was with everyone, which I really admired because not a lot of people do on here. It's great to see you back at it :)
Amnesia_ I don't know you, but you've been on the site for a while and I'm surprised we never ran into each other on here! then again I've been gone since summer of 2015, haha! Your avatar is super cute ad you seem really nice from what I see on your profile! < 3
m7md26 We joined the site the same year, but I don't believe we have ever really spoken. You seem really nice though :) Feel free to message me if you ever want to chat!
QueenFrossy I wish I had such a great avatar at light green level! All I had was a shitty hair if I remember correctly lmao! I've seen you around the site lately, but I can't say we have spoken much. You seem really nice though :) Message me anytime!
maturo We go back quite some time! We've been really close pals before, but due to my hiatus we grew apart. I miss ya bud and hope you're taking care of yourself!< 3 Message me sometime stranger :)
Thumper91  I you well from back in the day.. EVERYONE loved you! Even the people who didn't know you. TBH, I admired you because you were just always so damn friendly to people and you were a breath of fresh air on this site. We've never really gotten to chat or become close friends, but I hope you're doing well! < 3
christossss First off, you're having a bromance with my Canadian lover (Tyler93), so you best treat him right or I'll have to go all southern whoop ass on you xD  You seem super chill, and I love that! Whenever I come back to Skype I'm joining that chat you said we were making ;)
Funnehliner I remember you from back in the day. We never really became friends or enemies, but you've always been cool to me the few times we did speak :p
BengalBoy I always saw you around when I first started Tengaged, and you usually had some sort of witty comment to a lot of my blogs. You usually made me laugh my ass off with them! I don't know you too well though :(
melindaMrskk You joined the site a few months after me, but I never saw you around until now. Your avatar is super cute! Feel free to mail me :)
XxLoveWakizaxX Tbh, we've never gotten to really chat before. I remember you always so popular on here, and it always made me sad because I will never be that popular xD but everyone I have met on here whose friends with you have always sang you high praises so you must be an awesome person :)
Oliviaxoxo Oliviaaaaa! Hey gurl heyyy! (: Well, you're one of Tyler's tengaged besties, and I understand why. You're super sweet and oh so chill! We never really got to talk much except for the other day, and I can tell why everyone on here adores you! Maybe one day we can become better friends :p
Vlad21 I don't know you too well. We're suppose to do an Old School Casting though, so don't let me forget :D Maybe we can become pals during it!
Tyler93 Erhm, sorry. Do I know you? :s HA! Just kidding, I love my Ty Ty < 3 We met before I went on my hiatus in 2015, you seemed really chill, but we never become buddies UNTIL I came back last fall. We've talked basically everyday since November, and I just love you to pieces < 3
Forest_Knight I remember you, but I'm not sure how we came into contact on here. Either we played several games together or you were in one of my BB group games? Whatever it was you seem really cool :) Ps, fab avi xx
Brandt69 I used to see you around the site a lot, but we never really spoke. You've always seemed really chill though :) Message me anytime! By the way, your avi is bombtastic!
cotbey Drew! < 3 You're one of my old friends from the site, and I've missed you! :( We used to have so many inside jokes (shielddeflect) and so many great conversations! I love you, and I hope college is treating you great! xx
ak73 okay, I'm going to take a huge guess here and say you are #alieaz numbers second account. I know he came back, but I can't remember if that is you or not xD don't hate me if I am wrong! If it is you, you're pretty damn chill. We spoke some on your old account, you helped me gift before, but we never got to be too close of friends, unfortunately. Hope you've been well! If it isn't you, I don't know you :( but we can talk! < 3
Ashleybabyx3 We've never really spoken except for last night about designs, but you've always seemed so sweet :) Definitely someone I'd consider getting to know. Message me anytime < 3
AshlynArehart Oh Ashlyn, you know I adore you < 3 We've been friends for quite sometime, but unfortunately we did drift apart during my hiatus. But you are one amazing mama and a pretty awesome friend! I love you!< 3
AxKxAxBatman I remember always seeing you blog and playing games back in the day. I spammed you, but beyond that we hardly spoke. You did seem like a really great guy from your blogs and from what people would say about you :) maybe we can be friends sometime!
KBeastW My favorite Australian ;) jk, I know you're from New Zealand buddy! I was actually going to message you to say hey sometime, but instead HEYYYY! You've always been like a big teddy bear! Just so sweet and kind and open to talk about anything. I miss and love you! Don't be a stranger :D


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Sure 😄
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Seth :)
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Awww I hope you've been well too :)
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